Keeping your property looking its best is no small feat. You know that there’s quite a lot involved in the landscaping, but you might not be clear on what tasks are most important—and when to do them.

Whether you’re thinking about performing the work yourself or you’ve been searching online for “landscaping near me,” you want to make sure that all of the most important landscaping tasks are completed so that your yard looks great as we head into the warmer months.


A few leaves remaining in yard

Debris Removal

Similar to a fall clean-up service, a spring landscape clean-up should absolutely include debris removal from your yard. There are always lingering leaves, sticks, and branches that may have fallen during winter winds, and even plant material that might have died, broken off, and blown around during the winter months. All of this should be cleared to give your yard a neat and tidy appearance (and to make mowing easier).


bush that needs trimming


Your property likely has a variety of plant material that needs to be pruned. But what you may not realize is that there are some plants best pruned in the spring, some in the fall, and some that can be pruned most times of the year. Before you start this process yourself, make sure that you know which plants need to be pruned when. Or, you might consider hiring a professional landscaper who will know exactly what your landscape needs in order to perform its best. The risk of pruning something at the wrong time is that you could prevent it from blooming—or possibly even cause more serious damage.


mulch in beds by pool

Mulching and Re-Edging Beds

Spring is also a great time to refresh your mulch and re-edge your beds. Fresh mulch not only looks great, but it also has many benefits to the plants in your beds. For instance, mulch will help plants retain moisture during periods of drought. As it begins to warm up, your plants’ roots will be protected from the extreme heat. Mulch also helps to inhibit weed growth which is a common springtime problem. This is because it blocks weeds’ access to sunlight and makes it difficult for them to break through.


flower beds next to patio seating

Bed Maintenance and Installations

Your plant beds add lots of curb appeal to your property. But that’s assuming that they continue to look and perform their best. In addition to mulching and re-edging, your beds need ongoing care that includes weed control and promoting healthy soil that your plants can thrive in. A lot of homeowners also like seasonal plant installations, such as a nice mix of annual flowers. If you work with a professional landscape company, then a pro will be able to help you with the best plants and flowers to enhance your space. You don’t just have to be stuck with what the local big box store sells!


freshly mowed lawn

Mowing and Trimming

Of course, spring is also the time when mowing starts up again. Mowing is important in keeping your property looking trim and tidy. But a lot of people don’t realize how important proper mowing is in terms of the overall health of their lawn. When you fall behind on mowing, the lawn doesn’t only look messy, but you can actually put a tremendous amount of stress on the grass by making drastic cuts and this can lead to the lawn yellowing. Spring is a busy time of year. If you struggle to keep up with regular mowing and trimming, you can consider having a professional landscaper handle these services for you.


Making the Best Choice for Your Property

At the end of the day, while you can certainly perform some of these tasks on your own, it might not actually be the best choice for your property. Not only can DIY landscaping go awry, but it is often a larger undertaking than most homeowners realize. If you truly want the best looking property, it probably makes the most sense to look for a professional landscaping company to handle spring landscaping. A pro can help get your yard in tip-top shape to enjoy all season long.


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