Add A Tanning Ledge To Your Pool

Take your tanning experience to the next level with our unique tanning ledges. This material is incredibly durable and has a smooth texture that’s free from snags so you can enjoy the sun on your skin with ease. Our tanning ledges are a great choice for all inground swimming pools.

What Is A Tanning Ledge?

Like swimming pools, tanning ledges can be constructed from several different materials. Latham offers two types of tanning ledges, Fiberglass Gel Coated and Vinyl. Every tanning ledge consists of the same basic elements: a shallow, elevated platform that features openings into the main swimming pool. However, there are countless design variations to choose between, from modern to rustic to classical and beyond.

Gel Coated Tanning Ledges

We know that your pool is a place of luxury and relaxation. That’s why we offer beautiful tanning ledges made of fiberglass, a material with several qualities that make it ideal for this purpose. A smooth texture prevents painful snags or scrapes, while its unique chemical composition creates high durability. This translates to huge savings over time, since less maintenance and fewer repairs are required.

Tanning Ledge Shapes









“I also want to extend my appreciation for all that you and the rest of the team at Exscape has done to make our house so very special. From design through installation, everyone has been outstanding and committed to making concept become reality. We love the end product and are enjoying the finished product to the fullest extent. We can honestly say we would not change a thing.”

Paul C.

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