Outdoor landscape lighting can have multiple benefits when it comes to improving your home’s exterior appeal and also adding functionality to your space. Landscape lighting is a wise investment as it not only increases your home’s value but also boosts your overall enjoyment of your property. Here are the three main reasons you might consider landscape lighting at your home.


The Aesthetic Appeal

There is an artistic aspect to lighting which will enhance your home’s appearance—even into the wee hours of the evening. For one, landscape lighting makes a home feel more welcoming. As guests make their way to the front door, it’s nice to have well-thought-out lighting guide them on their way. But there is also great beauty in well-done accent lighting. From up-lighting trees and the façade of the home to highlighting key elements of the landscape or architectural features of the property, there is an art to doing accent lighting. When done well, a property can truly come to life at night—allowing homeowners to get a beautiful view of their backyard in the evening hours and to boost curb appeal in the front.  If you have a long drive leading up to your Hunting Valley home, for example, lighting can help guide visitors with a warm welcome to your front door. 


Safety & Security

Another key benefit of outdoor lighting is that it adds a level of safety and security to your property. A well-lit yard is an automatic deterrent for theft as most burglars are seeking a poorly lit, easy target for a quick smash-and-grab job. Lighting not only gives the appearance of someone being home but deters intruders from sneaking on to your property for fear of being easily seen by neighbors.  If you live in Novelty and your home is far from the road, you’ll appreciate the added comfort that comes from a well lit property. 

In addition, a well-lit property—particularly on walkways and stairways—will help prevent dangerous falls as family members and guests will be able to better-navigate in the dark. Framing a driveway with lighting can also help drivers to see an unexpected bend or maybe a retaining wall that runs alongside it.


Extending the Clock

As summer comes to a close and it begins to get dark earlier, landscape lighting can have the valuable benefit of extending your time outdoors.  Strategically placed lighting allows you to enjoy your backyard well into the evening hours. This is truly a must-have if you’ve invested in an outdoor living space in your backyard. You want to get as much time outdoors as possible—and landscaping lighting allows you to do just that. As you plan for landscape lighting, consider where you and your friends and family most enjoy spending time so that the right lighting can be added to those spaces. Today, the technology has come far and with LED lighting, bulbs have a long life and electricity costs are significantly lower. It’s truly a wise investment for any outdoor space.


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