Your lawn plays a major role in your home security. A simple change in your hedge line could be all a burglar needs to move onto the next house on the block. Before you allow your shrubs, trees, weeds, and other lawn care features determine the safety of your family, follow these simple landscaping tips that improve home security.


Keep Trees and Bushes Trimmed Back
Overgrown shrubbery acts as a perfect hiding place for potential thieves and vandals, so try to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed back as much as possible. More specifically, trim the shrubs that may block your view from a window or door in your home. If a burglar feels like you can see him outside, he is less likely to try breaking in.


Use Security Plant Life near Entry Points
You can create a natural barrier around your home with security plants, like rose bushes. Thorny plants are often gorgeous to look at, and they deter criminals who may want to climb through your windows. Place these plants underneath windows that would otherwise be easy to get into, and their thorns will provide extra security for your family.


Mow Your Grass Regularly
An unkempt lawn sends a signal to burglars saying that you have not been around for a while, or that you do not care about your property much. This lack of care could indicate a lack of security, making you a prime target for a break-in. Keep your lawn mowed and your weeds pulled to tell people you are home and proud to be there. You may also consider hiring a professional landscaping company to maintain your yard so you never have to worry about these issues.


Be Careful Planting New Trees
If you are going to put a new tree on your property, make sure to avoid putting it in a major line of sight. Don’t just think about how the tree looks when you plant it. Consider how it will grow, how much coverage the leaves will provide, etc. If it is going to become a safety hazard, you do not need to plant it.


Lock Down Outdoor Ladders
If you have a ladder outside that cannot fit in your shed or garage, lock it down securely to the edge of the building. If you just put it up on hooks, burglars could use it as a tool to get inside. You will literally be giving them all they need to commit a crime on your property. Lock up any lawn care items you have lying around to keep your home safe at all times.


Install Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting can be a great feature in landscape architecture, and it can also double as a source of home security. There are a number of home security lights on the market these days, depending on what you want for your property. Even something as simple as solar-powered sidewalk lights could be enough to keep the criminals at bay. If you would like to invest in a full home security system, complete with video cameras, that’s even better. Do whatever it takes to feel safe in your home.


Follow these landscaping tips for home security, and you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep for years to come.

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