Including a pool or spa as part of your garden structure can certainly provide lots of summer fun with family and friends. But figuring out how to incorporate landscaping architecture around the water can be a challenge. Consider these items as part of your landscape design:


Landscaping solutions around a pool or spa


Containers add color and direct traffic flow. Putting containers at strategic positions – on either side of fence posts and in front of areas you don’t want people walking in – are great ways to control traffic flow as people use your pool or spa. With the possibility to add color and dimension not only through the plants, but through the pot as well, containers add another design element to your outdoor pool deck design.

• Lighting for nighttime safety and drama. Pool lighting does more than simply add a level of drama to your pool’s patio landscape design. Lighting around a pool or spa provides safety for those walking in your yard. Cleveland and Chagrin Falls landscapers will tell you that lighting is a critical element to any pool or spa landscaping installation. Knowing that your guests can see in the dark to safely enter and exit the water is a key component to your garden structures.

• Add trees nearby, but not too close. While having trees near a pool or spa can seem like a great way to increase privacy, landscape architecture firms will caution you to be careful. Trees planted too close to a pool or spa will drop pollen and leaves into the pool. Trees planted too close to a pool or spa also run the risk of having the root systems interfere with the pool walls themselves.

• Consider other garden structures. By adding other garden structures, such as a trellis or outdoor kitchen, landscape design firms can help you to transform your pool or spa area into a complete area for entertaining. A trellis can provide a natural source of needed shade without having to use umbrellas and an outdoor kitchen can make serving food to hungry swimmers a breeze.

• Choose plants carefully. While it might be tempting to put a vintage rose garden near your pool because of the full sun available, having thorns or plants that attract bees near where people are swimming is not a practical idea. Landscaping services recommend the installation of resilient plants to complement your pool area – ones that don’t attract stinging bugs or have the potential to prick a swimmer. Deciding on a landscaping solution around a pool or spa requires planning. By using container to direct traffic, lighting to create drama and safe swimming conditions, and adding garden structures and plants that complement the layout, Chagrin Falls homeowners can enjoy the water and nature at the same time.

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