The arrival of winter in Northeast Ohio should not mean bunkering down indoors and ignoring your outdoor landscape until the spring! Instead, embrace and enjoy your landscape during the winter season. We guarantee you will love these landscape features during the winter months.


Fire pit: Instead of staying inside on chilly winter evenings, come outside and gather around a cozy outdoor fire pit. A beautiful fire pit is a place to sit and talk, entertain guests, sip a mug of hot chocolate, or make s’mores with the family. Incorporated into your landscape design, a fire pit is a wonderful focal point of your landscape and a central gathering space.


Landscape lighting: Illuminate your home with the soft glow of landscape lighting. This feature not only enhances the landscape of your home in the evening, but adds function and safety to your space during the winter. For example, it is much easier to navigate an icy walkway or porch steps when they are well-lit.


Heated walkways: If you live in Chesterland or Chardon or another town in the Northeast Ohio Snow Belt, this luxury design feature may be well worth the long-term operating costs. Some heated walkways use an electrical system and others use hot water run through pipes—the method you choose will depend on your home. With heated walkways, you will not have to worry about shoveling or deicing walkways and you can enjoy your outdoor spaces, such as an outdoor kitchen, all year long.


Outdoor kitchen: Do you love to cook? Do you often find yourself pulling out the grill to enjoy barbecuing even when the snow is falling? Consider the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. Designed to fit and function within your unique landscape, an outdoor kitchen features many of the same elements as your indoor kitchen, making it much easier and enjoyable to cook outdoors. A covered outdoor kitchen with heated flooring would allow you to use the space nearly all year long, making it a valuable home feature.


Hot tub: Enjoying a soak in a hot tub on a cold winter night can be a great pleasure. This is a way to escape your home during the stir-crazy winter days and enjoy your landscape—even in the middle of winter.


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