There is a lot more to having a beautiful landscape than simply planting some trees and shrubs and letting Mother Nature do the rest. In fact, landscape design can be a complex problem to solve, with questions to consider such as site characteristics, the homeowner’s goal and the level of maintenance that is appropriate. Unfortunately, mistakes are made in landscaping each and every day. Here are just a few of the most egregious.

  • Planting without a plan. Installing landscaping without going through the design process is a great way to end up frustrated and disappointed. A good landscaping design takes into consideration the use of the space and what plants will thrive in the area.


  • Choosing the wrong varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials. Just like people, plants have their preferences. Putting a shade tree in a hot, sunny spot will cause the tree to fail, and putting rose bushes in a shady area will give you virtually no blooms at all. Professional landscapers know which plants, trees and shrubs can tolerate a variety of climates.


  • Placing plants too close together. The size a tree, shrub or perennial when planted may not be nearly the size it will grow into. Knowing the eventual size of a plant can dictate much of the design plan.


  • Too much grass in your yard. While grass may seem easy to maintain, it is a design dud. Professional landscape designers add interest with beds, focal plants, decks and fire pits.


  • Planting beds with only one height of plants. Landscaping beds need dimension to be visually interesting. Beds with only one type of plant can be nothing short of boring.

While the idea of being a do-it-yourself landscape designer may seem like a great way to spend your weekend, don’t make these mistakes. Enlisting the help of an experienced landscape architect can make all the difference in how happy you are with your yard over the long term.

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