The leaves are falling and you may think that outdoor fun has ended for the season. It has in some respects, though thinking about the future for your yard is an ideal fall or winter process and can be very enjoyable. Why is the cooler weather the right time to plan? Here are just a few reasons:

  • You have just spent a season in your yard. Right after the summer is a great time to plan for the spring because you have had recent experiences in your yard. If you have thought, “I’d really love to have a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen,” then focusing on those items is the place to start.Fall Landscape
  • There is time to evaluate your yard. While the spring season is all about preparing your yard to enjoy it during the summer, the fall and winter are filled with time to contemplate the overall design of your yard. Taking pictures before the snow falls will help you to make good decisions about what to add or remove from your yard.
  • New trends emerge at the end of the season. After landscape architects have had all summer to develop new ideas, those ideas emerge as trends toward the end of the year. You can quickly incorporate those ideas into your yard for the spring.
  • You can be proactive, not reactive. Proper design takes time. During the cooler weather months, you have time to through the design process diligently, when you aren’t in a hurry to quickly get your project underway.
  • You will be ready for the weather to break.. Design projects started in the fall or early winter can be wrapped up within a few months and then scheduled for the beginning of the season. This will give you a head start on outdoor fun!
  • The very best time of the year to complete the design process is during the fall and early winter. You will have time to evaluate your yard, think about new trends that have emerged and get your project scheduled for the spring. Call today to learn more about Exscape Design’s full service landscaping design process.

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