Do you have a vision for your landscape? 

We have a vision for you to picture right now. 

It is a sweltering summer day. The sun is beating down. You could go to the local public pool, or if you have a pool in your backyard, you could hop right in. 

But either way, it feels like something is missing. 

Your public pool is not as close as you want it to be. You have a hard time loading all your little ones in your car to get there at all. Your pool at home feels plain, never catches your eye and does not fulfill the expectations you once had for it. 

But what is missing?

An infinity pool. 

You may not realize it, but an infinity pool is the missing puzzle piece to the outdoor living space of your dreams. 

But how much does an infinity pool cost? What responsibilities come with an infinity pool? What are they at all? 

Let’s explore the answers to those questions and more below. 

What is an Infinity Pool

What is an Infinity Pool?

Let’s start with that list question: what is an infinity pool in general?

You may have seen a resort with an infinity pool on your last vacation. 

There are a lot of other terms to describe an infinity pool that you may have heard of before. 

Infinity-edge pool. Vanishing edge. Negative edge. Whatever the phrase, your infinity pool remains the same. 

It is a swimming pool that uses a sort of optical illusion in the form of an infinity-edge to catch your eye. 

Your pool’s water will cascade over at least one side of the structure. This makes it look like there is no wall or boundary to a part of your pool, so it seems like your swimming pool goes on– well– forever. 

Hotels with infinity pools seem magical for good reason, but it is not so much a matter of magic as it is fine-tuned engineering. 

Now, we do not mean to take the magic away here, but let’s talk about how an infinity pool works.

Your professional landscaping team will come in and install a downward-sloping edge that turns into a kind of waterfall. This water falls down into a basin below your infinity edge. Then, that basin pumps the water back into the body of your pool. 

Endless Pools vs Infinity Pools

You might be feeling confused. 

“Isn’t an endless pool the same thing as an infinity pool then?” you could be thinking. 


Endless Pools, according to their website, are sort of like “treadmills for swimming.” They are popular among professional swimmers and athletes. Endless Pools are smaller-sized pools that have a current that propels you endlessly. 

Infinity pools, on the other hand, are more like your traditional expectation for a swimming pool with a beautiful twist. 

We explained them just above, but you can use an infinity pool for anything your heart desires. Use a rooftop infinity pool for fun in the sun. Go for one in your backyard to enjoy an at-home pool-and-bar experience when you do not have the time to go to a resort for your next spring or summer vacation. Enjoy a midnight swim for exercise at the comfort of your own home. 

The opportunities are endless for your infinity pool and all the ways to enjoy it. But you still might have some questions. 

How Much More Expensive is an Infinity Pool Than a Regular Pool?

The first thing to understand when you want to start your infinity pool build? 

You need to turn to the experts. 

There are plenty of fun DIY projects you can tackle yourself for home improvement. (Hint: you can read all about those on our blog.)

But building and installing an infinity pool is not one of those easy DIY projects. 

Maybe you are worrying about your infinity pool cost. If you are experiencing that, remind yourself that the most luxurious additions to your hard-earned home are worth the infinity pool price. 

That means no shortcuts. And that rule of thumb goes for both regular, more traditional pools and for infinity pools. 

Lots of factors affect the price of any type of pool. This includes size, additional equipment, location and any lights you might want to add. 

In general, a traditional pool can range anywhere from $35 thousand to $50 thousand or more. And you can expect your infinity pool to cost around 20 percent more than a standard one. But again, that depends on your custom build. Some infinity edges cost up to 50 percent more to install than the typical process of traditional pool installation. 

Points to Consider When Planning for an Infinity Pool

We want you to prepare for the entire process as you plan for your infinity pool. 

That brings us to the following five things to think about as you do so. 

From build time to labor cost, and structural issues to level of maintenance and proper care, we cover it all right now. 

It Requires More Time to Build

Good things come to those who wait. That’s what they say, right?

Similar to that age-old idiom, the perfect add-on to your beautiful property takes time. So you want to account for that as you start your journey to add an infinity pool to your outdoor living space. 

The process is far from the expected. And so is the result. 

Your landscaping experts will start the design with impeccable care, then move on to actually building your pool on your property. 

The best team that will be up for the job will take their time in engineering the basin and its infinite surrounding structure. You can think of the process as building two separate pools that combine for the stunning final product. Naturally, that will take more time. 

It Involves a Higher Labor Cost

You can also expect a higher labor cost to go with the level of work your team does to design and build your pool. 

If your team charges you by the hour, understand that it takes more hours to complete your project. And if your team charges you per project at an up-front cost, know that this is no small project. 

You want someone to build your infinity pool who has the right level of experience and can bring you the results you need. Anticipate a labor cost that matches that. 

Consider Your Property Elevation

Consider Your Property Elevation

You need a slope, or some degree of elevation on your property, to install this kind of pool. 

Do you have a completely flat backyard? One with no elevation to speak of? 

If that is the case, an infinity pool will not work for you. You need a minimum of a couple feet of elevation to install one. 

At the same time, an incredibly steep slope will make it a bit difficult to accommodate infinity pools. That is not to say you cannot install one in this case, but rather that it will cost far more to do so. 

A Partial Infinity Edge Also Exists

Maybe you have a clear vision of an infinity pool in your backyard, but you do not know if your budget can swing it. 

You still have an option!

There are partial infinity edges to consider. 

In this type of design, you can add the partial infinity edge to a corner of your pool. Not only does this give you the infinity edge you want for a fraction of the cost, but it also adds an unexpected element to your infinity design. 

It Requires More Maintenance

Think of your home as a whole. 

You have a roof, windows and perhaps a fence. 

When you invest in high-quality additions to your home, like a new fence or something similar, do you let it sit there forever without ever touching it again? 

Of course not. You maintain it to preserve your investment. 

And it is the same with your infinity pool, which requires more maintenance than a traditional pool. 

Who Do You Go to for High-Quality Pool Installation

Who Do You Go to for High-Quality Pool Installation?

Think of that “magic” we talked about earlier. 

Now think of it in your own backyard. 

It doesn’t have to be just a thought, or just a dream. Because here at Exscape Designs, we can turn your dream into your reality. 

An expert landscaping team comprises Exscape Designs. And right now our expert team is scheduling for Spring 2022 pool installations

So don’t wait!

Contact Exscape Designs today for a consultation to install your very own dream pool– right in your backyard.

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