There’s no question about it—your trees and shrubs are a tremendous asset on your property. They provide a lot of value in terms of not only their aesthetic appeal but also the functional purposes they offer—shade and privacy, in particular. Just think of it: your patio might be too unbearably hot to enjoy if it weren’t for that strategically placed tree you have in your yard. Or perhaps your children’s swing set is kept comfortable and cool as a result of some small shade trees nearby. And, of course, that row of arborvitae you have along the property line is a great privacy screen from the neighbors.

Considering all your trees and shrubs do for you, you want to keep them in great shape. But you might be worried they’ll succumb to problems. Fortunately, there are definitely some steps you can take to protect your tree and shrubs.


Improve Performance of Trees and Shrubs

Trees and ShrubsOne of the best things that you can do for the health of your trees and shrubs is to have them professionally fertilized. A lot of homeowners understand the value of fertilizing their lawn but assume their trees and shrubs don’t need any extra help. The truth is, trees and shrubs can also benefit from adding much-needed nutrients that will allow them to thrive. By doing so, you also equip your trees and shrubs to better protect themselves against environmental stressors and other threats like disease and pests.

At Exscape, we fertilize any and all sizes of trees, shrubs, and perennials. We also offer “deep root fertilization” on larger, established trees. Even your more mature trees can benefit from added nutrients.


Protect Against Pests

Landscaping ShrubsOf course, sometimes your trees and shrubs need some added help when it comes to protection against pests. There is a whole host of destructive insects that can destroy your landscape plants. From insects that bore and damage wood to sap-feeding insects that literally suck the life out of your plants—there are a lot of threats out there. The last thing that you’d like to see happen is have your beloved trees and shrubs succumb to a pest problem, particularly when it can be prevented with insect control treatments. Think of it as an investment in protecting your valuable assets.

Our clients also love that we offer deer spray. In our region, where deer run rampant, your shrubs might look like a 24-hour buffet to these pesky creatures. If you have plants that you love but can’t seem to keep the deer away—we can help.


Pruning your Plants


Landscaping ShrubsPruning is another valuable service that will enhance your trees and shrubs. But what most people don’t realize is that it doesn’t just make your trees and shrubs look “neat and tidy” by trimming back unruly branches. It also helps them to grow stronger and healthier by pruning out dead material that is wasting your plant’s energy.

At Exscape, we offer pruning of shrubs and small trees up to 12-feet in height. Typically, during the summer, we are doing light pruning and shaping of the plants, removing low-hanging limbs, and pruning branches that encroach on walkways. During the summer is not the best time to perform major size reduction in plants. The best time to correctively prune and perform size reductions is in late fall and over the winter. With winter pruning we are able to really see into the interior of the plant and can more efficiently complete the pruning to get an overgrown plant back into shape.


The Value of Maintenance

Landscaping ShrubsThere is so much value in taking the time to properly maintain your trees and shrubs. You’re investing in being able to enjoy them for many years to come.

In general, people understand the value of ongoing maintenance in terms of items like their car, their lawn, and even their health. Most people realize that the efforts made over time are a long-term investment in the overall quality of these things they value. However, when it comes to trees and shrubs, people so often assume they are self-sustaining. That’s simply not the case. If you truly want the best out of your trees and shrubs, then there has to be some ongoing maintenance involved on your part.

The cost of failing to do so could be expensive. After all, replacing a tree or shrub can cost significantly more than it would have to just maintain it properly in the first place. It’s really not worth the gamble.

Don’t put your trees and shrubs at risk for failure. Talk to us today about what can be done to ensure that they’ll be around for the long-haul.

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