What’s more beautiful than a lush green landscape? A house with one. 

The right typeface, colors or design could make all the difference between creating an ordinary-looking lawn versus one that is eye-catching and admired by visitors and onlookers alike.

Landscaping not only improves the look and value of your home, but also provides you with an outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing in serenity when it’s nice outside.

The best way to ensure you receive quality workmanship on your lawn is by hiring an experienced landscape architect who can take your vision and turn it into something even better than you’ve ever imagined. 

What Does a Landscape Architect Do?

Landscape architects are the artists of our environmental world. They use their skills to create functional and picturesque landscapes for both commercial and residential properties that are admired by many.

Landscape architects are responsible for creating the design of our landscapes. They have a college degree in landscape architecture which includes training in engineering, architecture, drainage, land grading, design etc. 

Their job is to make sure that everything looks perfect when implemented into your property.

A licensed landscape architect will work closely with you throughout your entire landscaping process so there isn’t any confusion about what needs to be done where. They are there to guide you through all aspects from start to finish ensuring top-tier customer service and an absolutely stunning lawn!

Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer

If you’ve been doing some landscaping research already, you might have noticed both “landscape architect” and “landscape designer” titles.

So what exactly is the difference between the two?

Unlike landscape architects, landscape designers are not guaranteed to be licensed or registered in every state. Landscape designers are also often limited by state laws when it comes to providing design specifications on landscape drawings or performing any installations themselves.

The highest credentials a designer can achieve are either a degree in landscape or horticulture or a relevant certificate– but none are a requirement. 

Landscape architects, however, must have a college education and meet the licensing standards of the state. With landscape designers, it isn’t necessary to have any landscape design training or horticultural experience, although they typically do.

Generally speaking, they are known as talented creatives with extensive knowledge of plants, whether they are credentialed or not.

Best Tips in Choosing Landscape Architect that is Right for You

Best Tips in Choosing Landscape Architect that is Right for You

Now that you’ve got enough knowledge on what a landscaping architect is and is not, it’s time to narrow down the type that will be not only a great fit but a great investment as well. 

If you want an experienced professional that will make your landscaping ideas come to life, keep on reading because we’ve curated a list of the best tips in choosing a landscape architect that is right for you.

Choose Your Design First

Prior to hiring any landscaping architect, it is important that you have a clear idea of what type and style of landscaping will best suit your needs; and that starts with choosing your design.

Landscape design is the analysis, planning and creation of exterior living spaces. Today’s landscape architects integrate a wide variety of elements to achieve functional as well beautiful environments for outdoor living.

With a landscape architect’s expertise, you can develop outstanding solutions without making costly mistakes or going through any unnecessary confusion. Just be sure to convey your requests thoroughly so they know where their focus should lie within meeting your expectations.

Ask for Referrals

There’s nothing is more dependable than the opinions and referrals of past clients. 

Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and other members of your community for feedback on their experience with landscaping companies. This way, you’ll get an idea of what you may be dealing with before making any major purchases or decisions.

You’ll know when a company is a right fit when people rave about their performance, so use the power of word-of-mouth to your advantage!

Visit Landscape Architect Websites

When you’re looking for a landscape architect, it’s important that they have experience in various services and provide strong references from past clients who had similar needs as yours. 

Be sure to check their websites or social media profiles and compare them to competitors. Seek out any of their online landscape designs as well and see which ones catch your eye the most. This will indicate which landscape architect fits your style the best and avoid any unwanted surprises when the work begins.

Lastly, pay attention to their listed prices. Low prices are tempting, but keep in mind that cheap prices could likely also mean cheap services and there is nothing wrong with investing in something that will do so much for your home living experience.

Take a Look at Their Project Portfolio

Take a Look at Their Project Portfolio

An accomplished landscape architect should be able to show you top-quality examples of their work.

A great landscape architect’s portfolio should include:

  • An attractive presentation style.
  • A cover letter.
  • Personal information that expresses their personality.
  • A PDF version for clients to easily navigate through.
  • Theoretical projects they aspire towards.
  • A clear list of the duties they had for each project.

If an option you considering doesn’t have most of these in their portfolio, consider them illegitimate. To ensure your home landscaping gets the top-tier service it deserves, you need to hire a worthy architect.

Read Reviews

We’ve talked about asking around for referrals, but what if you don’t have any to rely on? 

Reading customer reviews is the obvious alternative. 

Sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List are great reviewing websites to look at to get more in quantity, variety and authenticity when considering a landscape architect. Be sure you check out these sites before making an appointment so you don’t end up possibly regretting your decision!

Keep in mind, there will usually be at least one negative review, but weigh the pros and cons to your best judgment. 

Personality is Key

Personality is Key

It takes a special kind of person to be able to work with you and your unique ideas, so it’s important that you have a landscape architect who you get along well with.

Your landscape architect will need to be someone who is patient and understanding of the needs that matter most for your project, its time frame and whatever else is required of them to complete it successfully. 

Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with others are other necessary characteristics that will lead not only to cheaper prices, but an overall quicker turnaround time– leaving you able to enjoy your beautiful new landscape without breaking a sweat, or the bank.

Be Open for Options and Discuss Your Ideas

To find the best landscape company for you, it’s important that you consider all of the options available to you.

Landscape companies can be divided into factors such as size, specialty, price and service area. They can also be referred to as lawn care companies, landscaping maintenance firms and landscape design firms. To maximize your options, be sure to search all these types of companies. 

When you find a company that piques your interest, don’t be afraid to interview their landscape architect. There is no better way to quickly figure out if they’re cut out for the job than sharing your ideas asking critical questions.

Treat Yourself to Home Luxury That Lasts

Landscaping your home is a big deal, so you should find the perfect landscaping architect that will treat your home with the same care and vigor you would.

You want a beautiful landscape that lasts and adds a whole new element to your home for you and your guests to enjoy. So, take these great tips and use them wisely to find the landscaping genius that will make all of your dreams come true!

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