Summer isn’t complete without a refreshing pool. If you don’t have a place to dip your feet in the summer heat, consider building a custom pool. A custom pool is a great way to add value and get the most out of your outdoor space. If your house already has a pool, it can be hard to appreciate if it’s not your style.  

When you work with a pool company, you can add any features or design elements that you want. You’re not limited to the pre-determined dimensions and shape of a standard pool.

The sky’s the limit. Swimming pool contractors will work with you to create a design that fits your lifestyle and budget. In this article, we’ll explore the common possibilities available when investing in your custom oasis.

Why Build a Custom Pool?

There are several reasons creating a custom pool design is the perfect summer project. Building a custom pool gives you more control over the final product including materials and add-ons. Below, we outline our top seven reasons to start building your custom oasis today.

You Might Want More Say Over The Entire Process

You Might Want More Say Over The Entire Process

In most cases, you have no say in the process of pool design. If your home already had a pool, you had to accept it no matter the placement, size, and design. And unfortunately, you aren’t going to find too many options if you purchase an above-ground pool.

Custom swimming pools give you almost complete control over the design and building process. You’re involved in every step of the project, from choosing the initial design to picking out the final details. It can also help you save money in the long run. 

For example, using energy-efficient pumps and filters can help lower your monthly operating costs. A search for “pool estimate near me” can allow you to get an idea of the budget you might need. Location is another priceless perk of a custom build. This is especially important if you have a small backyard.

Doing thorough research is the most important step in the entire process. Search for “custom pools near me” to see what pool builders are available in your area! If you live in Ohio and are ready to design your custom pool, contact our team at Exscape Designs today!

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Design your custom pool to fit your lifestyle. You can choose the size, shape, and depth of your pool. You can also choose the type of material you prefer. There are many different types of pools, so be sure to keep your needs in mind.

For instance, if you’re an avid swimmer, a larger pool could be the perfect fit. If you’re more of a sunbather, a shallow pool could better suit your needs.

You Desire a Customized Pool Shape

One of the best things about custom swimming pools is that you can add unique features to them. For example, you might want to add a waterfall or a fountain. Or, you might want to have a swimming pool with a built-in hot tub. You can also choose the desired shape.

Some custom shapes to consider include:

  • The Classic Rectangle: This is the most popular pool shape. It offers plenty of space for swimming laps as well as room to move around and play games. 
  • The Kidney: This shape takes up less room than a rectangle or freeform pool. Plus, it’s perfect for kids to splash around in. 
  • The Plunge: A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that’s perfect for cooling off on a hot day. It’s great for smaller yards.

Take the time to visualize which shape would best compliment your outdoor space. Don’t forget to factor in the size of the add-ons you choose compared to the square footage you’re working with.

The Classic Rectangle

Fits Your Personality

When choosing custom pool features, it’s important to consider what fits your personality. Do you want a simple and classic pool or one with all the bells and whistles? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

  • How much time do you want to spend maintaining your pool? If you’re not interested in spending a lot of time on upkeep, then a simpler pool may be a better option for you.
  • How often do you plan on using your pool? If you only plan on occasional use, you may not need all the bells and whistles that come with a more elaborate pool.
  • What is your budget? Custom pools can vary in price, so it’s important to consider what you can afford.
  • What kind of features are you looking for? If you have specific ideas in mind, make sure your custom pool builder can accommodate them.

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose features that fit your personality and needs. By doing so, you’ll be much more likely to enjoy your pool for years to come.

Strikingly Personalized Pool Design

There are a lot of different features that you can add to make it your own personal oasis. You can incorporate any number of custom features into your pool design to make it truly unique. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Waterfalls and other water features: A waterfall or other water feature can add a touch of luxury to your pool area. Waterfalls can connect to the pool itself or serve as a separate next to the pool.
  • Fire features: Fire features are a great way to add ambiance to your pool area. Whether it’s a fireplace, fire pit or even torches, incorporating fire into your pool design can create a unique space.
  • Custom lighting: Lighting can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your pool area. You can ensure your pool is lit to highlight its features and create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Built-in seating: Adding built-in seating is a great way to make sure that everyone has a comfortable place to relax. Consider built-in benches around the perimeter of the pool or an intimate seating area within the pool itself. No matter your decision, custom seating adds both functionality and style to your space.

These are just a few of the many features that you can add to your pool to make it truly your own. The design process is your chance to get creative and have fun.

Increases the Value of your Home

Adding a pool and elevating your outdoor space can boost the value of your property. A well-designed and well-built pool can add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. Swimming pool builders can help you create the perfect pool for your property. 

Total Peace of Mind

A backyard oasis can provide you and your family with total peace of mind. With control over the process and your input at every stage, you’ll surely fall in love with the final result. Bring your vision to life and turn your backyard into the perfect staycation destination.

Types of Swimming Pools You Might Want To Consider

When it comes to choosing the type of pool you’d like, the possibilities are endless. You can base your decision off one of two categories: materials used and the main custom feature. Consider both lists below to help you narrow down your choices.

Based on Materials Used:


Concrete pools are custom-made on site by spraying a mix of cement, sand and water onto a metal frame. This type of pool is very durable and customizable to any shape or size. Concrete pools also tend to be more affordable than other types of custom pools. 

Gunite pools are also custom-made on site. The material is cement and sand shot from a hose at high pressure onto a metal frame. Gunite pools are extremely durable and also customizable in shape or size. Yet, they tend to be more expensive than concrete pools. 


One of the most popular choices is fiberglass. It’s a very strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Fiberglass is also resistant to chemical damage. You don’t have to worry about the damage to the pool’s surface by chlorine or other chemicals. 

Fiberglass pools are also relatively easy to maintain. They don’t require as much scrubbing and cleaning as other types of pools. Depending on the manufacturer, you can customize the shape to virtually any design.

One downside of fiberglass pools is that they can be more expensive than other types of pools. 

They also may not be as heat resistant as other materials. If you live in a climate that gets very hot, you may want to consider another type of pool. 

Additionally, fiberglass pools can be slippery when wet. Consider adding a non-slip coating to the surface to prevent accidents.


Vinyl is a popular option for custom pools because it is strong, durable and affordable. However, there are some drawbacks to using vinyl as well.

Vinyl pools can sustain damage by sharp objects or chemicals, like chlorine. They also fade over time due to sunlight exposure and can be susceptible to leaks.

Custom Designed

Custom Designed:

Infinity Pool

One of the most popular custom pool designs is the infinity pool, which gives the illusion of a “disappearing” edge. It’s built so the water appears to flow over the edge and into the horizon, making it a truly unique addition to any home.

Lap Pool

The lap pool is generally built in the shape of a narrow rectangle. Lap pools are typically used for swimming laps or doing water aerobics. 

They can be either above ground or in-ground and are usually between 25 and 40 feet long. Most importantly, they must be at least 4 feet deep to allow swimmers to dive in without hitting the bottom. 

Freeform Pool

A freeform pool uses an irregular shape using curves. They are often made to look like lakes or ponds but can be further customized to your liking. They can be any size and depth, perfect for designing a custom poolscape that compliments your home.

Lagoon-Style Pool

A freestyle pool combines the freeform shape and extra elements all in one. This type of pool is perfect for those who want a little bit of everything. You can add in custom features and design elements to really make your pool stand out from the rest. Add a spa area with jets and massage chairs or a water feature like a waterfall or fountain. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your freestyle pool.

Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is at least partially covered by a roof and some connect to a house or other building. The indoor pool allows swimmers to enjoy the water year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

Lazy River Pool

A lazy river pool is designed to provide a relaxing, meandering experience for swimmers. They usually include jets that create a gentle downstream “current”. 

These pools can be any size and shape and can include features like waterfalls and bridges. They are a great way to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

Don’t delay your dream backyard any longer. To get started building your custom oasis, contact Exscape Designs today! We’re ready to guide you through every step and help bring your vision to life.

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