Despite the beauty of a snow-covered landscape, winter in Northeast Ohio can at times be dreary. As beautiful as it is to see the falls frozen over in Chagrin or ride past a blanket of fresh snow covering a field in South Russell, the monochrome white color scheme of winter can be draining.  However, even when the temperatures are frigid and the skies are grey, your home landscape can still be a retreat for you and your family. Here are some tips for brightening and adding color to your landscape this winter:

Add hardy winter plants. Colorful plants and shrubs are not limited to the spring and summer seasons, even in Ohio. For example, an evergreen shrub or holly bush will retain its vibrant color through the winter—and female holly plants will produce red berries. In general, many attractive cold-weather blooming shrubs will add color and beauty to your winter landscape.

Paint pots and window boxes vibrant colors. If you have a lot of old beige or brown pots or weatherworn window boxes, clean them and then paint them a more vibrant color. They will add pops of color throughout your landscape, not only during the winter, but all year long.

Consider a bird feeder. Hanging a bird feeder near a window will add some life to your snow-covered landscape, as it will attract bird activity to your yard. While this is a nice feature year-round, if you enjoy bird watching, you will especially appreciate this element of your landscape during the winter.

Revive outdated or dull outdoor features. When is the last time you replaced your exterior doors or painted your front gate? Rethinking these features provides a great opportunity to add new color to your landscape. You will be surprised, for example, of the change a brand new front door can make to your home’s exterior appeal.

Install landscape lighting. This outdoor feature will quite literally brighten your landscape, illuminating your house, walkways, and home entrances. Not only does landscape lighting add an element of safety and security to your home, but it will enhance the beauty of your home during the winter. Think of how nice it would be to return to a cozy, well-illuminated home each evening!

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