Are you thinking about redesigning your landscape? No matter how large or small, your outdoor space can be a valuable extension of your home. A well-planned landscape design can provide both function and enjoyment for years to come. While you may have many ideas and dreams for your outdoor space, sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin in your planning. The following are simple steps to begin planning your new landscape.


1. Make an inventory of your landscape. First things first: You must analyze your current outdoor space! With a careful eye, look at all areas of your yard from the front to the back. Make note of features that you cannot, or do not, want to change, such as large trees, existing buildings such as a tool shed, and views that you do not want to obstruct. Also take time to survey the outdoor spaces of other homes nearby. You will want to take care not to design a landscape that would be obtrusive or distracting in the overall context of your neighborhood.


2. Do your research. When planning any outdoor design, you must be aware of natural factors such as the topography, or shape, of your yard, soil condition, and climate. Are some areas of your yard in complete shade during the summer? Do other areas get full sun? These are the types of questions to make note of when planning changes to your landscape.


3. Find your inspiration. This is the fun part! With limitless sources of inspiration online, in magazines, and truly all around us, you can pull ideas and samples of elements you hope to feature in your own space. Also check out the portfolio of past projects completed by Exscape Designs for additional inspiration!


4. Determine how you want to utilize the space. Think carefully about your wants and needs in your new outdoor space. Will you need large gathering areas to accommodate family? Do you want to have a designated area for children’s play? Are you hoping to have a dramatic focal point such as a statue or water feature such as a pond or waterfall? Decide which elements will be most essential to include for you and your family.


5. Sketch it out. Draw a map of your future redesigned outdoor space or write an outline that details your vision. This does not have to be perfect! What is most important is getting your ideas down on paper.


6. Talk to a professional landscape designer to make your plans a reality! A professional can help you achieve a design that will meet your needs, while also creating unity and balance in your outdoor space. The preparation and research that you did in advance will provide a great starting point.


If you are ready to begin planning your new outdoor landscape, consult the experts at Exscape Designs. Give us a call today!

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