Fiberglass pools today are better, in every possible way, than they have ever been before. 

Back in what now seems like ancient times, fiberglass pools were, shall we say, not the prettiest sight to behold. But that once-regrettable fact is turning tables these days. 

Some people try their hand at installing a DIY fiberglass pool (though we really do not recommend that). Some opt for the more popular choices, like leisure pools from Leisure Pools USA. 

But a lot of the time, pool lovers worry about how much they have to spend on a fiberglass inground pool. They think that an inground one will run them far too much money to justify. They go for a fiberglass above-ground pool instead, sacrificing the beauty of an inground one because they don’t think their bank accounts can handle the dent. 

There is no need to worry. Today, we are going to talk about your dream fiberglass inground pool cost so you have all the details before you make a commitment or investment. 

What Exactly is an Inground Fiberglass Pool?

Inground fiberglass pools are pools that literally go in your ground. This type of pool is a prefab pool, or one that comes pre-made. Rather, your contractors do not build it as they go. Instead, they install it as it comes, in the shape you desire. 

This makes it incredibly easy to maintain on your end. You will not have to spend as much money on a custom-fit pool that ends up being the same shape as a fiberglass pool. You get to save money on annual maintenance costs. Plus, you will have a pool that ends up being the talk of the neighborhood. 

Fiberglass pools have a gel-coat finish, which leaves you with a smooth and non-porous texture. This is another aspect that contributes to the low-maintenance cost of your fiberglass pool. One big reason for that is that this smooth texture fights against stains and algae. So you do not have to stress about keeping up with a green, scummy pool all the time. 

They are also some of the most durable pools available to you. Vinyl-lined pools require frequent upkeep since they are not very durable themselves. Fiberglass pools can last you for 30 years. 

What Are the Different Shapes of Fiberglass Pools

What Are the Different Shapes of Fiberglass Pools?

Besides the fact that fiberglass pools are easy to maintain, durable and simple to install, they are also gorgeous. 

It may put you off that you cannot customize fiberglass pools, since they come from the manufacturer, pre-made. But the simple fact is that you end up choosing some of the same shapes that fiberglass pools already come in

Let’s take a look below. 

Freeform Shape

Freeform means that the shape of your pool will not follow a standard, linear structure. Think of journaling. Do you follow a structure? Or do you just write as the ideas come to you? This is the kind of model that freeform shapes follow for fiberglass pools. It is unique, aesthetically pleasing and– did we mention this yet?– built to last. 

These are unique because they do not look like those massive public pools that you perhaps spent so much time in growing up. They look like what they should look like: one-of-a-kind. It encourages you to relax and have fun as you enjoy its modern aesthetic. 

Some people prefer wide curves with their freeform fiberglass pools. And some just want a little extra oomph; nothing major. 

The Aria at Exscape Designs is perfect for that much-desired freeform shape. 

Kidney Shape

Kidney-shape fiberglass pools are great if you like the idea of a non-linear structure, but do not want to get too crazy with it. 

Its name is for good reason, as it holds the shape of an actual kidney. It still gives you a cool, modern feel, but does not seem to live and breathe on its own like a freeform pool does. 

These are a great choice if you have children to take care of. This is because its shape allows you to differentiate between the shallow and deep ends of your pool with extreme clarity. That leaves you with a little less room to worry about pool safety and a whole lot more room for fun in the sun. 

Rectangular Shape

Maybe you really do love the clean lines of linear pool shapes. We get it! Rectangular-shape fiberglass pools can be more-than-enticing with their simple appearance. Plus, you cannot argue with the fact that sometimes, nothing beats a classic design. 

Clean, rectangular shapes should never be synonymous with “boring.” You get the ease of a pool installation that your contracting team can install quickly. 

With your rectangular fiberglass pool, you can also install tanning ledges, pool chairs and steps that catch your eye every time you walk past. 

So, no, “rectangular” is not synonymous with “boring.” There are tons of smaller accents you can add to make your pool space look fantastic. Combine that with the beautiful simplicity of this shape, and you have a big-time win from every angle. 

Roman Style

Have you ever seen something that you cannot stop thinking about, but you do not know why? 

Maybe you walk by a house in your neighborhood, and it looks simple at first glance. But you do a double-take, because there is something absolutely glorious about the house. What is it? Ah. You got it. The house is all a monotone shade, but the roof or trim is a vibrant pop of color. That sort of situation. 

This is what you will get when you go for Roman-style fiberglass pools. 

These are rectangular shapes, to an extent. But the short ends feature half-circles, or arches. It combines the irresistible style of modern aesthetics with that of the vintage. Like, really vintage, from the time of the Romans. Hence the name. 

How Much Does a Regular-Sized Fiberglass Pool Cost

How Much Does a Regular-Sized Fiberglass Pool Cost?

Fiberglass pool prices vary, as with all other home improvement projects you take on. 

On average, a fiberglass pool will cost you around $47,000. That is the national average cost throughout the U.S. But this ranges from homeowners, just like you, spending anywhere from $24,333 to $70,000. 

One of the best parts of choosing a fiberglass pool to call home during the summer is that you will save money on maintenance costs, energy bills and more. 

But there are many other aspects that affect the cost of your pool, and this can depend on a number of factors. What could those be?

Some Factors That Directly Affect the Cost

Some Factors That Directly Affect the Cost

Let’s talk about what has an impact on the price of your pool. These factors could make a $50,000 difference in what you spend. 

First, you have the pool’s size. Bigger pools might require your landscaping crew to prepare the surrounding land for installation. This will cost extra for the necessary labor. And when you have a big pool, you also might experience more of a temptation to add things like a: 

  • Deck
  • Pool house
  • Fence for privacy 
  • Additional add-ons and amenities 

Here are a few other things you will want to budget for (which there are much less of than with other pool builds, from models like vinyl-lined pools): 

  • Property tax increases 
  • Regular pool maintenance and upkeep 
  • Higher homeowner’s insurance 
  • How easy it is for your landscaping crew to access the location of your new pool to build and install
  • Potential permits to apply for 
  • Updates, like lighting, heating and saltwater systems


You might be wondering what all the fuss is about fiberglass pools and their installation when the colder months are already upon us. 

Exscape Designs is scheduling for Spring 2022 installations right now! And you don’t want to miss it. Here are some of the reasons why you want Exscape Designs to match your lifestyle with our fiberglass pools: 

  • Turn key installation to deliver the highest quality and convenience, right in your backyard 
  • Our shells have a lifetime warranty 
  • All the many shapes we offer fit all lifestyles and design aspirations 
  • We can provide you with endless customizations, from spas, water features and more 
  • You have options for the size of your pool 

What are you waiting for? Contact Exscape Designs today to schedule your consultation or ask us any questions you may have.

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