If you live in a place that has a snowy winter, you know just how much of a pain snow removal can be. It is bone-chilling, labor-intensive work that has to be done in order to get you and your car on the road.

Snow removal is such a nuisance that I bet you’ve even considered hiring a snow removal service to do the job for you, but maybe the fear of how much of an expense it will be has made you hesitant.

Many commercial businesses rely on snow removal services because they have a lot of property to manage, but if that’s not you, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a reliable landscaping company to do the heavy-duty work for you.

So that brings us to the question: How much do snow removal services cost?

In this article, we’ll break it down all for you from pricing rates to how much snow removal costs based on the service(s) you require.

Does Snow Removal Cost Varies on Location

Does Snow Removal Cost Vary by Location?

Snow removal costs can differ depending on your location and will also vary based on the type of service, the frequency required and the actual rate charged.

For instance, if you’re in a standard residential neighborhood, costs get to as low as $30 an hour. However, if you need services for a large rural driveway, roof or parking lot, the costs can increase up to $700 per hour. 

Ultimately when hiring a contractor, make sure you get informed on the rates they charge based on where you live, the type of property you have, and where snow removal is needed.

At Exscape Designs, we are a reliable company that can fulfill any of your snow removal needs. Our team of snow removal experts has professional-grade snow equipment that will keep you safe and snow-free this winter.

Snow Removal Cost Per Inch

When it comes to removing snow, the price per inch varies but typically runs from $12.50-$25 for six inches and then the price lowers from about $5-$8.50 after that. 

For snow removal that’s over 18 inches, you’ll most likely be paying between $30 to $50 for every six or so inches. This is because the more inches your contractor needs to remove, the more labor that is involved. 

To get the best idea of snow removal pricing per inch, here is a list of the average price points that you can expect:

  • Six inches or less: $75-$100.
  • Six to 12 inches: $105-$200.
  • 12 to 18 inches: $135-$250.

As you can see, your snow removal cost highly depends on the thickness of the snow on your property. Be sure to ask your contractor what their rate is during your consultation. 

Snow Removal Cost per Visit

Snow Removal Cost per Visit

The average driveway snow removal cost ranges from $30 to 70 dollars per visit. This price is based on the contractor coming by your house only once, but this is more common in areas where snowfall happens less often. 

This way, homeowners or commercial businesses get a fixed cost that they are easily able to budget whenever they need snow removal services such as snow plowing on their property.

Snow Removal Cost per Hour

Per hour, snow removal can cost between $25 to $75. This is the most common rate for snow shoveling services.

An hourly rate is in effect when the contractor leaves for your property, arrives and begins removing the snow. However, the more snow you have the longer the process will be— meaning the higher the cost

When considering a snow removal company, keep in mind that the cost per hour depends greatly on their operating and overhead costs. And your expenses will increase or decrease depending on the distance your home is from the company’s headquarters.

Snow Removal Cost by Different Methods

The method in which you need your snow removed is another factor that plays into snow removal cost.

For instance, shoveling snow is a lot more time-consuming and labor-intensive than snowplowing or operating a snowblower.

Be sure to always ask your contractor how they will be removing the snow from your property and what equipment they plan on using.

Snow Blowing

Getting your snow removed by a snowblower can cost from $25-$75 per hour, $40-$100 per visit and from $50-$125 per event.

Benefits of snow blowing for snow removal:

  • Great for clearing out steep slopes and driveways.
  • Electric blowers are great for lighter snowfall.
  • Gas blowers are great for six or more inches of snow.
  • They don’t damage your lawn.
  • Snow is dispersed evenly compared to other methods.

Snow blowing is a great way to remove snow without having it pile up in a space on your property. There are many different types of snowblowers, so ask your contractor which one will be the best fit.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing contracts can cost from $50-$100 per hour, $50-$125 per visit and $75-$150 per your average driveway. 

Benefits of snow plowing:

  • Clears out icy snow.
  • Is super quick and efficient.
  • Great for larger areas and properties.

Keep in mind that with snow plowing, you are piling the snow in one area of your property and if you want it removed, you’ll have to hire additional services. 

However, if your service includes snow removal then it will be taken away in a truck and disposed of elsewhere. This is why commercial snow plowing tends to be more common compared to residential plowing. 

Salt Compounds

Using salt compounds for melting snow and ice cant cost between $10-$20 per hour, $20-$40 for each visit and $25-$50 per event.

Ask your contractor if they included salting in their contracts because some companies can charge extra.

Benefits of using salt compounds:

  • Great for ice removal.
  • Promotes a safe, anti-slip environment.
  • Can have pet-friendly, non-toxic options.

This is a great cost-effective way to remove snow from your property, but keep in mind that it’s best for surfaces that have a light coating of snow and won’t be effective for thicker amounts.

Snow Shoveling

Snow Shoveling

The typical cost to shovel snow is $25-$50 per hour. Then you would pay around $50-$150 per event or $40-$100 each visit. 

Benefits of snow shoveling:

  • It’s easier to clear out small areas.
  • Great for homeowners who have small amounts of snow or need to remove snow in smaller areas.
  • It’s a quieter snow removal option.

Remember also that snow shoveling is more time-intensive, which makes the hourly rate higher. However, snow shoveling contractors are professionals at removing snow a lot quicker than the average person.

Heating Methods

Eliminating snow through heating methods is a great preventative way to manage accumulating snow. They work similarly to radiant floor heating systems in that they can be switched on and off depending on when it’s needed.

You can either install a heated driveway for an average of $1,500-$7,500 or install roof heating for around $500-$1,500. 

Benefits of using a heating system:

  • Melts snow and ice on driveways and rooftops before it accumulates.
  • You can turn it on or off when needed.
  • It’s a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run.
  • You avoid having to hire snow removal services multiple times a year.

Yes, installing a heating system can be costly, but the long-term benefits are as clear as day— just like your driveway will be when they are in use!


To get sanding done on your property, you’ll probably pay from $10-$20 per hour, $20-$40 per visit and $25-$50 per event.

Benefits of sanding:

  • It’s great for temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit (Ice is better for temperatures above that).
  • It provides better traction on driveways and walkways.
  • Stops slips and falls.
  • Improves driving over ice.

It’s important to note that sand is able to clog drains on your property. To avoid this, be sure to clean up any leftover residue that collets once the snowy weather is gone.

Snow Removal at an Excellent Value

Getting your snow removed is never an easy task, but when you utilize these helpful options you’ll find that the benefits you gain far outweigh the price. And if you ever have doubts, use this handy snow removal pricing calculator to help solidify your decision.

You’ll have more time to focus on the things most important to you and less time to worry about a heaping pile of snow getting in the way of that.

At Exscape Designs, we do so more than supply outstanding snow removal services. We bring all of your landscaping visions to life. We are here to support you with anything you need no matter the season and what comes with it.

Contact us today to receive custom snow removal plans and services that will swiftly and effectively take the stress out of your winter landscaping.

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