Having a well-thought-out backyard landscape design might not be the first thing you think of when you think about the value of your home, but it should be. Homes with great landscaping offer more than just a fun place to hang out over the summer – they offer real value to the homeowner when it comes time to sell or refinance their home.

The role of beautiful landscaping in a home’s value is clear – homes that have overgrown shrubs, bushes and unmanicured lawns are more than just an eyesore in the neighborhood. People assume that when your landscaping isn’t cared for, neither is your home. Consider these reasons why landscaping adds value to your home:

How Landscaping Adds Value To Your Home When You Sell

• People make assumptions based on what they see. When your Chagrin Falls area home has a well-maintained landscape surrounding it, others assume that your home is well cared for, too. This simple shift in perception is just one way that landscaping adds value to your home.

• Landscaping can extend your living areas. By adding a spacious deck, garden structure or patio, the virtual square footage of your home can be extended to allow for additional seating, serving and cooking areas. The value in this situation isn’t simply just in the investment that you’ve made in a stone, wood or composite deck, it is in the possibility of offering additional entertaining areas that can be enjoyed for years to come.

• Great landscaping design can sell your house. Having an amazing first impression can not only add up to 20% to the value of your home, but it can also sell your home before a prospective buyer every walks in the front door. With a 20% increase in value, working on your curb appeal may give you the same boost in value as a new kitchen or bath. That first impression may be just what your home needs in order to sell quickly in this challenging real estate market.

• Landscaping can decrease the negatives. If your home is located on a busy corner, is close to another home, or has a small lot, creative landscaping done by a certified landscape technician can camouflage those issues. Using dirt mounds planted with evergreen trees, well-placed hedges and climbing vines are all ways to decrease street noise and increase the feelings of privacy for your home. Trees planted around the home can even cut down on utility costs by shading the home during the hot summer months. All of these benefits can boost the positive aspects of your home.

While many homeowners are concerned about the interior of their home before they put it on the market, paying attention to the landscaping may be the key to a quick sale. By offering great curb appeal, extended seating through the use of outdoor deck designs and patios, and creative fixes for challenging locations, landscaping can offer more than just a pretty place to live.

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