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Living in Northeast Ohio means dealing with snow for part of the year. If you have worked with your landscape designer to create a special atmosphere in your Moreland Hills or Hunting Valley home, then preparing your yard to winter well is a critical part of your fall preparations.


Just as you may spend time getting your windows washed, having your furnace serviced or stacking up firewood, there are things that landscapers believe can make a tangible difference in helping your yard to get through the winter without damage.  If you live in Beachwood, Pepper Pike or  Gates Mills, your first step is to carefully remove all of the leaves that have accumulated in your yard.  When leaves stay on your grass and in your beds, they create an environment for mold and mildews to grow and don’t allow grass and plants to breathe correctly.


Additionally, it is important to wrap any sensitive trees or shrubs with burlap for the winter.  Giving your plantings this protection means that they will not have the same exposure to wind, rain and snow that unprotected plants may have.  This will help them to winter well and protect them from damage.  If you have shrubs that are near your driveway and you are concerned about plow or salt damage, consider having them moved to another area of your yard.


Finally, now is the time to secure a plowing contract for the winter.  Many companies offer plowing, but look for one who is a specialist in landscape design.  These landscapers turned plow operators know about protecting plantings and keeping piles of snow away from trees and shrubs that could be damaged.


Snow is right around the corner!  Take the time now to protect your yard from damage. Call Exscape Designs at 440.729.0011 for fall clean ups and snow plowing services that will help your yard look great in the spring.  Call now!


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