Labor Day is all about taking a day off from hard work, right? If you would like to spend your Labor Day relaxing and enjoying how beautiful your end of summer yard looks, then there are some tips from our landscape maintenance team that will help you make your lawn look great while saving time.

Make spring clean-up a priority. The best way to save yourself time during the summer is to make your spring clean-up a priority. Once your yard is clean, it is so much easier to maintain!

Break the project into steps. While it may seem overwhelming to get your yard ready all at once, it will seem much easier if you break it into steps. Take one bed and one step at a time. With a little effort, it will come together.

Prune shrubs and trees. By pruning your trees and plants before you start your cleanup, you will save a step. You can then clean out the beds all at once, rather than having to go back and clean them again after pruning. While most trees and shrubs can be pruned after they drop their leaves in the fall, there are some that need to be pruned at a different time. Note those on your calendar and prune them accordingly. Look to a professional landscaper or arborist for assistance, if needed.

Rake out your planting beds. Rake and blow out all of your planting beds before edging and mulching. Getting fallen twigs and dried leaves out of your yard will give it a fresh look.

Edge your planting beds. Once your planting beds are clean, take the time to edge them, either using a straight blade shovel or an edging machine, which can be rented from many local tool rental services. Having a clean edge makes it much easier to mulch and gives your home the professional look that is so lovely.

Mulch carefully. When applying mulch to planting beds, make sure to do so carefully, to avoid damage to perennials that have just emerged. It is a good idea to mulch every year as it prevents weed growth and helps to hold moisture in the ground during drier times.

Time to cut the lawn. Once your yard is clean, it is time to cut the lawn. Remember not to cut your lawn too short as it will encourage the growth of weeds.

If you want your yard to be beautiful on Labor Day, the work starts now. Need assistance in figuring out what to do first? Give Exscape Designs a call and we can guide you in the right direction and even suggest new additions to your yard. Call today!

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