If celebrating the Fourth of July with crowds of people doesn’t sound enticing, then consider spending the evening in your own backyard. Before you decide to host Fourth of July, be sure that your yard is up to the challenge. There are many things to consider when hosting an outdoor party, including the overall condition of your yard, activities you have to offer and places for people to relax.

Keeping all of these details in mind is part of the job of a landscape designer. Today’s backyards are more about outdoor living space than ever. No longer are homeowners simply content to have a small deck, barbeque and a lawn chair. With the hectic nature of today’s busy weeks, more and more people are seeking a peaceful place to rest, just outside their back door.

With outdoor living spaces being the focus, think through how you’d like to entertain your guests on Fourth of July. Do you like to barbeque? If so, then it might be time to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your deck space. The newest designs in outdoor kitchens include more than just a high-tech grill. In fact, these spaces generally have sinks, refrigeration, counter space for cooking and serving, commercial grade grills and even lighting and outdoor televisions. Your family will have a great time on Fourth of July spending time and cooking outdoors.

Another excellent option to consider when entertaining outdoors for Fourth of July is a fire pit. Having family around an updated version of a “camp fire” can make for amazing memories and a chance to spend uninterrupted time together. Landscape architects can not only help you to determine the best area for your fire pit, but also whether you’d like it to be raised or flush to the ground. Additional options include using gas logs instead of wood and adding stone benches around the fire. A fire pit can also offer extra time outdoors each season. Not only can you get out into your yard earlier in the spring, but you can stay out longer in the fall.

Adding a larger deck is also a way to make Fourth of July in your backyard more special. If you have a family that spans several generations, then a sprawling deck can give you the seating area you need to host parties. From wood to stone, there are many options that will provide the perfect complement to your home’s décor.

If you are ready to upgrade your yard in time for Fourth of July, give the landscape design team at Exscape Designs a call today! We will be happy to schedule a complementary on site assessment of your home’s outdoor living areas.

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