Fire pits are one of the best additions to any landscape. Providing a central focus as well as a place to gather adds not only valuable design elements to your yard, but also a comfortable, welcoming area for people to gather. Consider these reasons to add a fire pit to your home:

Custom fire pit installation

• Fire pits provide a natural gathering place. For aeons, people have loved to sit near a fire and spend time together. One of the biggest reasons to add a fire pit to your outdoor deck design is so that guests will have a natural place to gather and relax. Whether you are hosting a family barbeque or simply having some neighbors over for the evening, a fire pit will provide a place for people to simply be together.

• Fire pits provide a grounding element to a landscape design. Cleveland and Chagrin Falls landscapers will tell you that every landscape design needs a grounding element – a central area that starts the rest of the design. The prominence of a fire pit makes it the perfect garden structure to develop the remainder of the landscaping plan around. With the fire pit in place, other design elements, such as decks, outdoor kitchens, and water features can easily be added.

• Fire pits provide a place to get away. With today’s hectic schedules, having a fire pit gives every member of the family a place to get away. A great place to read a book, spend time with family members catching up on their day, or just a place to sit and think, a fire pit area provides more than just a design element in the landscape. In essence, a fire pit becomes a vacation area in your own yard.

• Fire pits can be used year round. In most climates, a fire pit can be used much of the year, even through the first snows. Providing heat and light, a fire pit can add a level of comfort to spring and fall’s chilliest days allowing family and friends to enjoy the outdoors for that much longer. A certified landscape technician can help you to develop the size fire pit you’ll need in order to use it year-round.

• Fire pits can help introduce creative design elements and materials to your yard. Landscape architecture firms are doing more with fire pits than simply finding a bare spot of ground and adding stone around it. Fire pits can be made of a myriad of materials, which can introduce interesting materials to your yard. Whether made of stone or pavers, all fire pits should be constructed with fire brick unless a metal, kettle-style fire pit has been selected.

Fire pits do more than simply add a creative focus to your landscaping design. With a myriad of options, fire pits provide a cozy spot for family and friends to relax during the spring, summer and fall. A natural gathering place, sitting around a fire pit is the perfect way to end a busy day.

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