Adding a fire pit to your yard can provide more than just a warm place to gather during Chardon’s spring and fall. With the help of a professional landscape designer, a fire pit can be a creative expression of your family’s personal style and not just a campfire in the center of your yard. Here are some ways that landscape architects create fire pit areas that are multi-functional entertaining areas:

  • Landscape architects will ask about how many people you’ll be entertaining.

If your immediate family is simply looking for a place to gather, that may create a different design than if you regularly entertain large groups.



  • Will you be eating?

For gourmet cooks, a fire pit can offer cooking options that are far more interesting than roasting marshmallows. Professional landscape technicians can offer suggestions about areas to cook and to serve food.



  • Seating is an option.

While you can pull up a lawn chair, landscapers can actually build stone benches into your design for a finished look.



  • Is the fire pit the focal point?

A trained landscape architect will look carefully at your yard to determine if the fire pit is the focal point of your yard or if you may benefit from a water feature, cabana or outdoor kitchen.



  • Custom fire pits offer flexibility.

A design for a fire pit can include flagstone, ledgestone, cultured stone, pavers, stones, brick, or concrete. Recycled metal materials can be incorporated as well, which will provide a mixed materials effect.



  • It can match your décor.

Fire pits can be located above ground or at ground level for a minimalist design touch.

Asking a professional landscape architect to help with your fire pit can give you more than just a backyard campfire to enjoy with your friends and family. Contact Exscape Designs today to get your own custom fire pit design underway.

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