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Patio Fire PitThere’s nothing quite like a fire pit to add to the ambiance of your outdoor living space. Whether it’s roasting s’mores with the kids, enjoying drinks with guests, or cozying up with a loved one on a cool night, a fire pit creates a gathering space where memories are made. But there’s more to a fire pit than its aesthetic appeal. A fire pit is also a wise investment that will extend your outdoor season. With the warmth and light of the fire going you’ll find yourself and your family getting outside earlier in the spring and later into the fall. It also makes those cool summer nights more enjoyable.

When selecting the right fire pit for your space, there are options that will suit your style, taste, and budget. Fire pits range from natural wood burning features built from barn stone to more contemporary features with crushed glass and a gas burner to even natural-looking fire pits built from a boulder. We can work with many different ideas and find the feature that works best for you.


Customized Fit for your Perfect Pit

Patio Fire PitFor the homeowner with more modern taste, the convenience of gas allows for easy-to-use controls and quick on/off features on the newest fire pits. In place of a traditional log, some homeowners are embracing the look of colored glass that creates an interesting glow. Some are even opting for “fire tables,” which are truly dual-purpose. With the fire built into the center of the table there is room for snacks and drinks. And when a cover slides over the fire feature, it can convert to a fully functioning table.

While we have built many traditional-looking fire pits over the years, homeowners are thinking more and more out of the box these days and requesting more original designs. You can truly make your fire pit a focal point. With a custom-built fire pit, we can build you something that is unique to your space. There is something for everyone and we can help direct you to the style that is right for your home and taste. We invite you to explore the beauty and the functionality of adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space.


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