Fall has started in Northeast Ohio. A change in seasons means that there is also a shift in the type of work that needs to be done to maintain your yard – and there is much more to do than simply removing leaves in order to prepare your yard for the winter and a healthy start to the spring months.
While many people believe that the fall is a time to let their lawn begin to hibernate, in fact there are several things that should be done to keep itFall Maintenance healthy. Fall is an ideal time to fertilize your lawn for a last time, giving it the nutrients it needs in order to develop a healthy root system. This time of year is also a great time to aerate the entire lawn. Aeration reduces compaction and allows water and nutrients to reach down into the roots. Fall is also the best time in Northeast Ohio to overseed your lawn. If you lawn is looking sparse or has been damaged by lack of moisture or fertilizer, then overseeding can give you a lush lawn without a full restoration.
Your lawn isn’t the only area of your yard that can benefit from some attention this fall. Once all of the leaves have fallen, proper removal of leaves will allow moisture to soak through to the root systems of your shrubs and trees. It is also the best time of the year to prune shrubs and trees. During the cooler months, your shrubs and trees will become dormant, giving you a chance to trim them back without damaging new growth or blooms.
Cleaning your gutters is also a good idea this time of year. Getting the debris away from your home and making sure your drainage is working properly not only protects your home, but your landscaping as well. Finally, make sure to winterize water lines in your outdoor kitchen, your sprinkler system and your water feature.
If you want to have a beautiful spring bloom in your yard, take the time now to properly clean up your yard, fertilize and aerate your lawn, prune shrubs and trees, and winterize your outdoor water systems.

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