With the start of school, lots of football games, and busier-than-ever schedules for families, the last thing you may be thinking about is your landscaping.  But, if you live in Chagrin Falls or Pepper Pike, this can be the ideal time of the year to consider various aspects of your landscape design and how it will look in the spring.  With some thought, you can make the fall and the spring easier.

A Time to Prepare for Spring

First of all, landscaping services will tell you to keep up with falling leaves in your yard rather than waiting for all the leaves to fall before you begin to remove them.  Take the time to rake your lawn and blow out beds as leaves start to fall – it will make your job much easier than feeling overwhelmed by the millions of leaves covering your plants and gardens.  Another quick task that you can do now is to move your houseplants back indoors if they have been out on your deck for the summer.  Take the time to re-pot them before you move them inside if they need a larger container and check to make sure that they are not infested with any bugs that you could possibly bring into your home.


As you are working in your yard, think about where you’d like to see a punch of color in the spring.  Now is the perfect time to add spring-blooming bulbs.  They will take root over the winter and be ready to usher in spring in just a few months.  Finding space for bulbs may involve moving some perennials.  If you have perennials in your yard that seem to be overgrown or dead in the center, then it is time to split them and transplant them. Simply use a sharp spade to cut through the root ball and replant them in another area of your yard.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they come up in the spring and add more color and dimension to your landscape.  One of the best parts of the spring is the bright green color of spring lawns. To ensure your yard looks like that, use a fall formulation of fertilizer to help your lawn winter well and have the nutrients it needs in order to be ready for the spring.  Finally, finish pruning any of your shrubs and trees.  Giving them a good shape now will help you to avoid one chore in the spring when there is so much to do.


As you can see, a little planning and work in your yard now can really help you to not only keep up with the landscaping changes that fall brings, but to be prepared for the spring bloom with clean beds, blooming bulbs and added textures from transplanted perennials.

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