Even though there are many times that it feels like the cold weather in Pepper Pike and Chagrin Falls will never end, landscapers know that we have far more beautiful days in Northeast Ohio than we do challenging ones. In order to make your home’s yard look the best it can, landscaping services advise starting work on your spring landscaping design in the fall. Here are a couple reasons why design work needs to start so early:


  • Planning takes patience. Professional landscape designers know that putting together a comprehensive plan takes time and patience. By starting the process in the fall, there is plenty of time to take pictures and measurements before the harsh winter weather begins. Having this background information means that landscapers have all of the information they need in order to offer clients the best options.


  • Adding new focal points requires communication. When landscapers start working on projects in Hunting Valley or Gates Mills, it is important to have the time to communicate with clients. Understanding budget issues as well as the vision that the owner has for their home is critical when doing landscape designs. Plans done over the winter allow for time to establish the needs of the homeowner in a relaxed fashion.


  • Fall planning means a quick start in the spring. By planning ahead and starting spring project planning in the fall, homeowners have the benefit of their project being ready to go as soon as the weather breaks. Landscaping services can preorder materials and have them onsite. This type of preparation for projects in Beachwood allows homeowners to enjoy their new fire pit, outdoor kitchen, water feature or other project earlier in the season.


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