Your yard doesn’t have to be a place for family and friends to gather only during the hottest months of the year.  In fact, with cooler temperatures, your yard can still be a gathering place for your guests if you have a fire pit.  Why consider a fire pit?  Read on to learn more about how fire pits can make great outdoor party spaces.


Fall Fire Pits


  • Fire pits provide a gathering place.  For families in Hunting Valley and Moreland Hills, fire pits provide an anchor for a fall party as well as a great place to gather with family and friends before or after football games, and on cool weekends.


  • Fire pits are multi-seasonal.  While most people think of bonfires as something you do in the summer, the heat from a fire can make your yard usable during fall and spring as well. Planned correctly, landscape architects will tell you that surrounding the fire pit with non-slip decking and good path lighting are all keys to making sure that your guests can safely enjoy the outdoors during other times of the year.


  • Fire pits provide more than heat.  Gathering around a warm fire is an obvious benefit to having a fire pit in your yard.  But did you know that you can also use your fire pit as a cooking area?  Not just for toasting marshmallows, there are cooking baskets that can make grilling meats and vegetables a fun activity for your whole family.


  • Fire pits offer serving areas.  When not in use during the hottest months of the year, landscape designers say a fire pit can be covered with a hard top to provide a place to play cards, serve food, set magazines or books or a place to put drinks.   Thinking innovatively about your fire pit can turn it into more than simply just a place to burn wood. Just make sure to allow your fire to completely go out before putting your cover on.


  • Fire pits anchor your landscape design.  Creative landscape designers will tell you that having a fire pit can provide a focal point for your overall yard structure.  Once the fire pit and decking have been added, then putting in additional options, whether planting beds, other outdoor kitchen items, a cabana or even a hot tub, can work off of the original placement of the fire pit.


Fire pits do so much more than provide heat and a place to roast marshmallows.  With some creativity, a fire pit can provide three seasons of fun for families and friends no matter the occasion.  Have more questions about installing a fire pit? Contact Exscape Designs today!

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