Expanding Our Horizons

As a company we are always looking for ways to evolve and improve with the ultimate goal of better servicing our clientele. Part of success means never remaining stagnant but instead always finding ways to grow and challenge ourselves for the better. With several exciting changes this season, we’re doing just that. The acquisition of another premium landscaping company in the region has afforded us some exciting new opportunities. In addition, bringing two international students on board is generating fresh creativity.


This season will also mark our third year participating in the international student internship program through Ohio State University. Two students—one from Poland and one from Brazil—bring a different outlook to our operations.


For one, we appreciate the female perspective that these women bring to our design ideas and to our business in general. But from a cultural aspect, they also bring fresh and interesting ideas to the table. We’ve learned a lot about how the US approaches a landscape design in comparison to other cultures and that’s been eye opening for all of us.


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