Spending time with family and friends outdoors can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your Father’s Day. Are you considering inviting family over and simply aren’t sure if your yard is ready to go? If that is the case, think about these simple steps to making your yard beautiful in time to celebrate:

Take a walk around. When you are relaxed, take a minute to walk around your yard to see what your yard is lacking. Does it need general maintenance? Has your deck or patio seen better days? Does your family need a bigger place to congregate? Having an idea what your yard is lacking is just as important as appreciating what you have already accomplished.

Prepare your beds. Another way to beautify your yard is to make sure that your existing landscaping is in good condition. In order to do so, take the time to carefully clean out your landscaping beds. This will give you a good idea as to what needs to be done to improve your yard. You’ll quickly see where you need plantings or where things need to be trimmed back.

Craft a focal point. Does your yard have a focal point, a place that naturally draws the eye? A focal point can be plantings, but it could also be a water feature, deck, fire pit area or even an outdoor kitchen or shelter. Each of these gives you additional interest when you walk outdoors and can expand your outdoor living space, making outdoor entertaining easy.

Think fun. When you think about your outdoor living space, don’t forget to consider items that can make being there a lot of fun. From volleyball courts to a bocce court, you can easily integrate outdoor activities into your landscaping plan. If your idea of fun is reading a book or spending time with family, then consider a tranquil water feature or a covered gazebo with a hammock.

If you want to make your home’s outdoor spaces ready for a great Father’s Day, then take the time to see what is lacking in your yard, clean out your beds, and consider adding a focal point or a family-activity area.

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