While you may think of a deck as just a place for people to spend time outdoors, why shouldn’t the space be as unique and special as your Geauga County home? Adding a dramatic deck involves an excellent design and access to unusual materials. Here are just a few of the decking materials that are on the market that can take your deck or patio from blah to breathtaking.

Mix it up. Combing materials such as brick, river gravel, and stone in complementary colors can create a custom treatment that adds to the overall appeal of your home.

Go tropical. While most people that live in Chardon simply default to pressure-treated lumber for their deck, there are now many other options. Tropical hardwoods such as Philippine mahogany, cumaru, ipe, red tauari, tigerwood, and massaranduba are all readily available on the market and can be used in a variety of climates. Be sure to check with landscape designer to make sure it is sustainable wood to protect the environment.

Natural beauties. Flagstone is an easy to clean and easy to maintain option for patios. Instead of trying to keep plants from the joints between the stone, moss or grass can be planted, giving a natural feel to the patio.

Slate offers elegance. With its gray, tan, and brown tones, slate can be used to complement all types of décor.

Enjoy the texture of terrazzo. Terrazzo, a composite stone material, made of small pieces of marble, quartz, and granite suspended in a composite material such as Portland cement, can provide a unique texture to a patio.

There is no reason to only consider a pressure-treated wood deck. Let the landscape designers at Exscape Designs offer you an unusual deck treatment that will make a real statement. Call us today at 440.729.0011!

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