Although we service properties of all types, with services of different kinds, one of our specialties is creating luxury residential outdoor spaces. Those backyards that you love to spend time in, hosting friends and families for the holidays, or just the next Browns game. We love the clean slate of a back deck or patio, working with the client to add desired amenities for maximum satisfaction. Of those additions, one of the most understandably popular is an outdoor kitchen. The goal of outdoor living is to bring the amenities of the indoors to the outdoors, and a kitchen does just that. In this blog, we will discuss some of the benefits and features when you design an outdoor kitchen for your home.

Increased Property Value

Although there are all kinds of functional benefits offered by an outdoor kitchen and the ability to cook outside, your greatest benefit lies in the fact that everyone knows this. The addition of an outdoor kitchen is such an obvious amenity that home buyers are willing to fork out more money for your property. This will raise the value of your home, which we cannot imagine could ever be a complaint. 

Easy Entertainment

Another way that outdoor kitchens offer up their services is by enabling you to easily host outdoors. It can be a pain to manage an outdoor crowd on your patio, filled with friends and family while going inside every few minutes to cook and clean. Keeping everything centralized in the outdoor area makes that whole process less painstaking.

Unlimited FeaturesDesign a Home With an Outdoor Kitchen

The best part about having an outdoor kitchen, is that it is your outdoor kitchen. This means you can select as few or as many features as you would like. Whether you just want the essentials like a fridge, stovetop, oven, and grill, or the addition of a beverage cart, wine cooler, and ice maker. Almost any feature that could be found in an indoor kitchen can be placed in an outdoor kitchen, with outdoor-specific items like a smoker being easy to add as well. Obviously, there will be an increase in cost with an increase in features, but it is up to you to determine your budget and range.

Keeps the Mess Outside

One of the most problematic issues with hosting can be the mess you make cooking and the dread of the cleanup. Especially when there is a large quantity of food that must be made, trash can fill up, ovens can get dirty, and countertops fill with crumbs. This is all avoided as we know how much easier cleanup can be outdoors. Plus, you know guests will offer a helping hand when they can see the work you have been putting in for them to have a great night.

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