Signs of winter have already begun to creep in, and you know that more snow is just around the corner.  Even so, you may still be dragging your feet on signing a contract with a commercial snow removal service. Perhaps you weren’t happy with the service you used last year, and you’re wondering whether there is something better out there. You understand that it’s important to hire a great company so that you are pleased with the service all season long and don’t get stuck with problems that could jeopardize your business or community.

Because we want to be able to help you choose wisely—and we understand that you might not be able to know what to look for in a contract—we’ve put together some helpful tips. The contract is an essential part of your relationship with your snow removal company and it can also help clue you into whether the company is a good fit—before you’re locked in.

Looking for the following three details in your commercial snow removal contract will assist you in making a good choice:


1. Liability Information

commercial snow removal

Your commercial snow removal contract should definitely include details regarding who is responsible for incidents that occur on your property—such as injuries to workers. Along with that, it’s critical that the service you hire carries liability insurance and shows you proof of it. This is a risk when you hire a company (or even an individual) that performs snow removal as a “side job.” Their lack of coverage could put you at risk. Look for those liability details in the contract and don’t be afraid to ask specific questions.





2. Details on Salt Applications

professional salt application

While an inch of snow might not seem like that big of a deal, the fact is that any amount of snow on the ground can become dangerous if it becomes slick. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to snow for the danger to be present. That’s because ice can be potentially more hazardous than snow! This is why it’s important that your contract includes details regarding the possibility of deicing surfaces with a professional salt application.






3. Specifics

commercial snow removal

When it comes to your commercial snow removal contract, you want specifics. You don’t want vague details that are not clear about what you’re getting. A contract that is missing important details should be taken as a warning sign that this company might not be reliable.

How can you know if a snow removal contract is detailed enough? It should answer a good majority of your questions and cover all of the major details regarding the service that they’ll be providing. If you read through the contract and feel like you are left with more questions than answers, don’t hastily sign it anyway. Instead, make sure that those details are going to be covered before you commit—and ask them to be added in writing.




Making Your Educated Decision

The last thing that you want is to get stuck with a company that doesn’t perform snow removal the way that you want it; or, even worse, a company that doesn’t show up in a timely manner and leaves you to do the work yourself. Many of these headaches can be avoided by choosing the best possible company for the job.

By taking the time to read through your snow removal contract and not signing it until you’re sure that everything looks good, you can feel confident that you performed your due diligence in finding a company that is going to meet your needs. You certainly don’t want to be locked in with a subpar company once the heavy snow starts to fall.

In the end, it is your educated choice that will help you know that you found the best possible company and that you’re going to get the service you deserve.

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