“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The picture that your home portrays to family, friends and visitors sets the tone for the interaction that you are preparing to have. Don’t let your curb appeal leave your guests wanting. With the help of a landscape designer, you can create anticipation and excitement as people approach your home. There are ways to improve your curb appeal. Here are just a few:

  • Take stock. By pruning what is already growing in your yard, landscape technicians in Chardon can help rejuvenate the growing process and reshape the shrubs and trees.


  • Add a glow. Adding LED lighting near the walkway and unusual sconces near the front doors provides a way for guests to easilyspring-trend navigate their way into your home while enjoying the view.


  • Find a focal point. Whether you and your landscaper add as species tree such as a Japanese maple, plant a spring flowering dogwood, or paint your front door a bright color, having a focal point will draw the eye to the home.


  • Use unusual materials. Instead of the standard concrete front walk that everyone in Cleveland has, ask your landscape technician to use reclaimed brick, colored pavers, flagstone, or a mix of materials such as gravel and pavers to give your front walk a custom feel.


  • Try a bit of color coordination. Adding yellow perennials and annuals can draw attention to a yellow front door.

Your home is as unique as you are. By creating curb appeal that shows your personality and style, your guests will be excited to come and visit. Need some ideas? Call us today for a complementary site visit.

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