For Cleveland, Ohio, homeowners, enjoying the outdoors is a way of life.  From tailgating to walks in the park, to backyard family parties, there is no better way to spend quality time with others than in your own backyard.  Want to have a an outdoor oasis that will inspire envy? Consider adding an outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens have evolved from simple gas grills to complicated, full-service kitchens that can be used as the primary serving area for a party or as a way to extend the living space of a home.  By including a variety of equipment, you can have an amazing outdoor kitchen in a relatively short amount of time.  Landscape architecture firms recommend adding a built-in commercial-grade outdoor gas grill.  Installed into a run of cabinets, these outdoor grills offer a range of temperatures that are appropriate for both searing steaks and gently cooking vegetables.   Adding a warming drawer will give you a way to keep prepared food hot while the rest of the meal is finishing.  Built-in ice makers make it easy to not only keep cold foods cold but provide plenty of ice for drinks.  Storage drawers make it possible for you to keep all of your cooking and serving tools handy.  Burners can also be added so that you can cook sauces, pasta, or beans right by the grill.  And, adding a pizza oven can provide a welcome change for carrying out that will appeal to families with kids of every age.


One of the main concerns for homeowners and landscape designers alike is where to locate the new outdoor kitchen.  Some of the most popular places to locate an outdoor kitchen include directly on the back of the house, where electricity, water, and gas can be easily accessed.  In this case, a covered patio area can be added to protect the kitchen equipment.  Another natural location for an outdoor kitchen would be in a pool house, unused shed, or garage.  These areas can be converted by a landscape designer into a key part of the backyard landscape design.  Using a covered area has the benefit of becoming a three-season room where you can hold parties and family time on the weekend.


Adding an outdoor kitchen can create new, exciting options for homeowners who love to have people over.  No longer limited to a simple outdoor gas grill, today’s outdoor kitchens offer everything from warming drawers to ice makers.

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