While planning for your spring landscape may be the last thing on your mind, this is the best time of the year to work with a landscape architect. If you live in Moreland Hills or Hunting Valley, use these tips to create a vision for your yard that you can implement this coming spring.


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Take pictures. While the weather is still good and leaves are still on the trees in your Beachwood, Pepper Pike and Gates Mills yard, go out and take a lot of pictures. Having a bunch of pictures to share with your landscaper will help you to show them exactly what you would like changed.



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Look for inspiration. As you think about your vision for your spring yard, look for sources of inspiration. From articles and images on the Internet to magazines and books, there are many, many sources that can give you great ideas for adding onto your yard.



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Think about a focal point. Does your yard have a focal point? Landscape designers believe that having a focal point – whether a deck or water feature – helps to coordinate the entire yard. While you are doing your research, consider areas of your yard that could host one of these features.



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Invite a landscape designer to walk your yard now. If you are serious about working on a landscape design over the winter, contact a landscaper today. This will give them a chance to see what your yard looks like while it is still green and help you to envision options for your yard that you may not have considered. This will also allow you to be at the top of the list for installations in the spring, which can extend your outdoor season.


The late fall and winter seasons are an excellent time to work on planning design/build projects such as fire pits, new plantings, outdoor kitchens and water features. Call Exscape Designs today for more information!


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