With the stress of everyday life almost completely out of control, many homeowners are looking to landscape architects to create a tranquil get-away right in their backyard. Here are just a few things to include that represent the hottest trends of the year:

Fire. Having a fire creates a cozy place to get together. Whether it takes the form of an outdoor fireplace, complete with mantle and hearth, or a custom stone fire pit with benches for nearby seating, a fire can be a mesmerizing focal point for your yard.

Water feature. Water has always been known for its calming effect. A water feature can set a relaxing tone to your afternoon or evening with friends. The sound ofoutdoor-waterscape running water is nothing short of delightful.

Comfortable seating. Being comfortable is the first place to start in creating a get-away. Landscape designers can help you to choose the right built-in seating or seating accessories to make sure that you and your family can rest in the outdoors.

Place to nap. Many a Sunday afternoon can be spent resting if there is a good place to take a nap outdoors. Rustic hammocks to outdoor couches are all possibilities for those who are serious about their getaways.

Dining area for family and friends. Instead of eating at a picnic table, consider having a landscape technician create a new dining area for your parties. By moving it away from the house and giving it a custom feel with lush plantings, you and your friends will feel you have travelled far away with just a few steps.

There is no doubt that stress is a hug problem today. By using your landscaping as an opportunity to create a get-away, you and your family will enjoy the relaxing effects of being outdoors. At Exscape Designs we can help you create tranquility in your yard. Call us today!

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