Create an Outdoor Room On A Budget


If you find yourself wishing for some backyard inspiration, but are not quite ready to invest in a new landscape design for your home, you might enjoy creating an outdoor “room” to enjoy with family and friends. An outdoor room is really just an outdoor space that you transform into an open-air living room of sorts. When the weather in Cleveland allows, you have extra space to gather or entertain, or just to relax.

There are definitely ways to create an outdoor room on a budget; in fact, you will be surprised at what just a few changes or additions can make when it comes to enjoying a functional, beautiful outdoor space. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas:


Re-imagine an old front porch.

If you live in a home that features a wide, deep porch, but have never used it, think about ways you could add function to this valuable space. As long as the structural condition of the porch is fine, add a bright outdoor rug and a rocking chair, or even a hanging porch swing, plus an outdoor table where you can set a drink or mug of coffee. Once you add these features to the porch, you will be more enticed to use it as an outdoor living space.


Turn a concrete slab back porch into a special spot.

Perhaps your home has a small basic concrete patio off the back door of your home, but it is not very appealing. Give this space a feeling of enclosure by decorating your home’s exterior walls with outdoor lighting, or adding a row of potted plants. Then, shop around at local antique shows or garage sales for a durable patio set. Depending on space available, a small bistro patio set with two chairs and a round table will do the trick, providing enough space to eat a meal or enjoy a cup of coffee outside.


Add potted plants.

One of the most natural, and beautiful, ways to add color and character to an outdoor space is by adding plants. Consider potted plants that thrive in the conditions of your outdoor area, whether it receives a lot of sun or shade. You will find that cheery, bright flowers and green plants can transform even the dullest of spaces.


We hope you enjoy creating an outdoor room at your home! If you are ready to turn your backyard design dream into a reality, begin the landscape design process with Exscape Designs today.

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