A commercial snow removal contractor takes on the responsibility of maintaining parking lots, steps and pathways when winter storms roll in. 

It would be much too time consuming for business owners to take care of these important duties themselves. And most companies don’t have dedicated ground crews with the equipment or experience needed to safely and effectively do the job

That’s why it’s important to leave your commercial property’s snow removal needs to a professional landscaping company. It’s your best bet at keeping your employees and clients safe when the snow falls.

How Long Does It Take To Plow 1 Acre of Snow and Ice?

When you’re assessing commercial landscaping companies for your snow services, you’ll want to know how efficient they are. It’s important to know how long they’ll be on-site when the weather warrants it.

For a rough idea of how much time these services will take, ask them how long it takes to remove snow from one acre. Multiply the acreage of the area you need services by the time one acre takes them.

How Can You Benefit from Commercial Snow Removal Services

How Can You Benefit from Commercial Snow Removal Services?

When you choose to have a landscaping company service your commercial property’s snow, you’ll benefit in several ways. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, read on to learn about the benefits you should expect to receive. 

It Reduces Risk and Liability

Commercial landscape services absolutely help maintain your company’s image. With a tidy and professional property, you can even boost the image of your business. 

But snow removal services benefit more than just the appearance of a property. They reduce risk and liability by increasing safety for vehicle or foot traffic that comes through your property each day. You don’t want to close down simply because it’s a little wintry outside, but you also don’t want to put anyone at risk of slipping, crashing, falling or getting stuck.

When you choose a commercial landscaping service to take care of your snow removal needs, you’re trusting them with the safety of your staff and customers. So choose wisely.

They Have the Necessary Expertise

The more experience a company has dealing with commercial snow removal needs, the better their expertise will be. And with a high level of expertise comes a high level of service. Choose a company that’s been around for a while and maintained a good reputation. 

There’s strategy that goes into efficient and effective snow removal at all levels: planning ahead for storms, scheduling trucks and crews, maintaining equipment and more.

Don’t settle for a substandard snow removal service. At Exscape Designs, we set the standard for high-level commercial property snow and ice removal. 

Contact us today at Exscape Designs. We’re ready to get to work keeping your property well-maintained through the gray, slushy winter.

They Provide the Right Tools and Specialized Equipments

If a snow removal crew is serious, they’ll have all the necessary equipment to tackle the job. It takes more than a couple of shovels.

With trucks, plows, snow blowers and more at their disposal, a reputable company will go to work with the tools and resources needed to do the job right. Without the right equipment, the job won’t be done well or it will take a very long time. The worst-case scenario is that they use the wrong equipment for the wrong tasks, causing damage to your property.

They Help You Avoid Unnecessary Costs

A good snow removal service will be efficient, which means you’ll be getting what you pay for.

Choose a company that has a reputation for being both fast and thorough. Don’t sacrifice speed or quality, because either way you won’t be using your money efficiently. 

A sub-standard snow removal service might entice you with a low rate, but in the end, you’ll pay more to get the job finally completed well. And think about how expensive it would be to close your business for a day or more because you couldn’t get your snow cleared in time.

After-Sales Service Support

You’ll need to be supported at any point you have questions or concerns. Some companies pay great attention to you while they’re signing you on, but fall short in the long run with service support.

It’s important to be able to rely on your snow removal service to be easily accessible. When winter storms hit, you’ll need to be able to get the answers you need to plan ahead for your business. 

Total Peace of Mind

Total Peace of Mind

Most of all, you can experience peace of mind. By contracting your snow removal services to the professionals, you won’t have to wake up on snowy mornings and wonder if your property is cleared and ready-to-use. 

Let the calm before the storm extend through and even after, knowing you’re well taken care of.  

7 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

When hiring a contractor, ask these questions first. If you don’t, you might end up receiving sub-par services, or worse. You don’t want to trust anyone with this responsibility until you properly vet them. The safety of your property and your business’ ability to stay open are at stake, so don’t take this decision lightly. 

Here are the 7 essential questions to ask your commercial snow removal contractor candidates. 

Is Your Business Bonded, Licensed and Insured? What Qualifications Do You Hold?

If the company you choose isn’t bonded, licensed and insured, you could face liability issues. A surety bond allows you to waive your responsibility with regard to anything related to poor snow services by the company you’ve hired. Without the company having insurance, anything that goes wrong will cause you so many more headaches. You don’t need to deal with legal issues on top of running your business. Licensures and qualifications indicate to you that the company you’re choosing is reputable and capable. These are the first few ways you can filter your prospective companies. 

What Are Your Methods Used To Determine the Costs?

Asking this question will help you determine their efficiency. If it’s a timely rate, ask what happens if they’re stalled for reasons out of your control. If it’s a price-by-project rate, they should be able to offer you their criteria for establishing prices. If they can’t give you a good answer, one that seems earnest and transparent, then that’s a red flag. 

Will You Give a List of Your Current Clientele so That I Can Ask Them About Their Experiences With Your Services?

If a company can’t or won’t allow you to speak with their current clients, then it might indicate several issues. The first concern would be that they don’t even have clients, in which case they likely don’t have the expertise needed to do the job. Or, they might not feel confident that their current customers have good things to say. Either way, you’ll feel much more comfortable choosing a service that has clientele who vouch for them. 

Do You Have a Team or a Fleet of Vehicles or Snowplows?

You’ll want to assess what tools and equipment they have at their disposal. The size of their crew and what they have to work with will show you how quickly and how well they’ll be able to clear your property of snow and ice. Don’t wait around on snowy days for the services you need. When you choose a company with multiple teams and a fleet of vehicles and equipment, you’ll be more likely to get your property cleared in time.

Do you use environmentally friendly snow and ice removal methods

Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Snow and Ice Removal Methods?

Don’t support a company that’s harming the environment or your property. With harsh chemicals or equipment used roughly, they’ll cause damage to your property. Keep your property and community clean and safe by choosing a snow removal company that uses environmentally friendly methods. 

Who Will I Communicate With, and How Will I Keep Track of Developments During Snowstorms?

Open and clear communication is essential for this type of service. Snow storms wait on no one, so when they cover your property, you’ll benefit from knowing who you’ll talk to and how you’ll know what the plan is to tackle the problem. It’s stressful to sit around wondering when you’ll hear back or when a team is on their way to help you out.

Is It Possible for You To Take the Snow Away if Necessary?

You might not have room on your property to pile the snow that’s removed from your parking lot and pathways. Ask if they can take the snow away from your property. Most companies ought to be able to accomodate this, and if they can’t, they might not be the right fit.

If you’re looking for a commercial snow and ice removal service, then look no further. Exscape Designs has the experience and resources you need to get the job done right, every time. To keep your business open and your property safe, choose us!

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