When we discuss the installation of a pool, there is no shortage of benefits to talk about. In fact, we just dedicated an entire blog to those benefits just last month. Those benefits included the addition of property value, easy exercise, and plenty of summer fun for the children. However, you might be wondering where the summer fun comes into play for the adults. As fun as a swim can be, we know you need more to rationalize such a big investment. This is where pool surrounds come in, the patio areas adjacent to the pool that can be filled with various amenities. These areas are where the homeowner can really find their identity. Choosing the right material for your pool surround patio can be daunting. In this blog, we will discuss some of these amenity options, as well as the right material for your personal property.

Potential Benefits of a Pool SurroundChoosing the Right Material for your Pool Surround Patio

Like any patio, a pool surround offers a blank slate for the addition of other outdoor living amenities. Easy examples of these include seating, and outdoor kitchens. Why not bring the ability to cook, right next to the pool? If you wanted this area could even be covered by a pavilion for coverage from the sun. Planters can be added for mobile plant material that beautifully accents the area. One of our most popular additions, a fire pit, can even be added for a sharp contrast between the dry heat and the wet pool. Overall, you get the point. Pool surrounds offer an amazing foundation to enhance your outdoor living space. Next, we will discuss the materials that this surround can be constructed with. Our design team will work with you to select the best option for your property, largely considering the already existing aesthetic and theme. 

Natural Stone: Durable Longevity

Although it might be taken as a dig at the aesthetics of natural stone, it truly is not. These pool surround patios simply last forever. They can withstand any weather conditions, and you would be hard pressed to cause a crack. Beyond their durability, they are also good looking. There is a wide range of selections when it comes to the color and sizing of the stone used. It is also an environmentally friendly option, requiring little resource use in its production. Like all hardscape patios, it will be very low maintenance, requiring only the occasional cleaning no more intensive than the spray of a hose. 

Concrete: Low Maintenance Simplicity

For another great hardscape option that will likely be more cost effective, you can always go with some classic concrete. If you have children who you know will wreak havoc on your pool surround no matter what, this might be the best choice. A concrete slab can handle just about anything, requiring very little maintenance to keep clean. While you might be turned off by the idea that a concrete patio cannot look good, this is far from the truth. We stamp our concrete installations with a variety of designs, and dye it to the color of your choice. This allows for more creativity than one would expect from the most inexpensive option.

Paver Patios: Peak Design Options

If you really want to get creative with your pool surround, pavers offer the widest selection of designs. The pavers can be customized in every fashion, including color, shape, and size of the pavers. These will require a little more care, managing the green space between pavers. However, the beauty makes up for this and we find many of our pool customers choosing pavers.

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