Caring For Your Lawn After Winter


Warm early spring temperatures have melted the snow in Northeast Ohio, but now it is time to survey the damage to our lawns. Have you noticed brown spots along the edges of your driveway, bare patches in the middle of your lawn, or the presence of weeds? These are all issues that must be addressed before you can enjoy a healthy, green lawn this spring and summer. Keep these tips in mind as you approach your spring lawn maintenance:


Wait until the ground and soil is dry. Once the first warm spring day arrives, it can be tempting to get to work outside. However, when the ground is still soggy, any foot traffic or raking can disturb the soil and potentially damage tender new grass. Once the ground is thoroughly dried, you can clean up your lawn, clearing debris.


Tackle brown or bare spots. Areas of your lawn that are brown or bare can have different causes. One common cause is snow mold. When snow sits on your lawn for extended periods of time without melting, mold can grow underneath the pile. Rake the area to separate any matted down grass. If the grass does not grow back, you may need to reseed the area.


Stop weeds before they have a chance to grow. Use a pre-emergent weed control that prevents the seeds of weeds from germinating, meaning instead of killing weeds as they appear, you can instead stop weeds like crabgrass before they even begin to grow.


This spring, remember that the maintenance teams at Exscape Designs are available to help you care for your landscape. Call us today to schedule your service.

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