Before snow blankets your landscape, it is important to prepare your yard for the winter season. There are actions that a certified landscaping team can take to help your yard survive a potentially brutal, cold winter in Cleveland. Here is why you should call Exscape Designs this snow season for landscape preparation and snow removal services:


You cannot predict the timing of the first major snowfall. But you can be ready for it!
A landscaping design team like Exscape Designs can ready your yard for the winter season by removing any debris, such as dead leaves or branches from your landscaping. If leaves are left to lay on your lawn through the winter, they will provide a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Because dead leaves smother grass and plants, your landscaping could be severely damaged come spring. Landscapers can also wrap your trees and shrubs with burlap. Without protection, sensitive trees and shrubs will have little reserve to endure constant exposure to strong winds and heavy winds during the winter. A layer of burlap helps them survive.


You may have plants or shrubs in danger of plow or salt damage.
Certified landscapers will be able to assess whether any of your current plantings are in a location that could put them at risk of damage from snow plowing or salt runoff. Your landscapers can then relocate these plants and shrubs to another area of your yard where they will be more protected.


Exscape Designs offers expert snow plowing services.
The benefit of hiring a landscape design company as your plowing service for the winter is that you gain the benefit of their expertise. Exscape Designs takes great care to protect your landscape while plowing, planning in advance the best possible location to pile your snow.


Winter will be here before you know it! Call Exscape Designs to prepare your landscape for winter and to schedule your snow plowing service for the winter season.


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