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Patio Fire Pit

Imagine sitting in your outdoor living area on a chilly summer night and enjoying the glow—and the heat—of a roaring fire. After all, nothing quite adds ambiance to an outdoor space like fire. Whether it’s the middle of the summer or even the dead of winter, adding a fire feature to your outdoor living area will enhance your experience.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the best one, the options are vaster than ever before. That can make the selection process feel overwhelming. Even just comparing a fire pit versus a fireplace is comparing two completely different structures.

You want to make the best choice so that you can feel confident you are investing wisely in your outdoor living space. And you’re worried that if you don’t choose a fire feature that you love, that it will detrimentally impact the entire space.

You’re making an important first step in researching the options now. Let’s look at some of the possibilities to help you narrow down your choices.


Fire Pit Vs. Fireplace: Which is Right for Me?

Patio Fire PitThere are some key differences between fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Understanding them will help you make the right selection for you.

First and foremost, you must consider the set-up. With a built-in fire pit, you generally sit around it. It can be circular or square and is typically accompanied by surrounding benches, seat walls, or furniture. Some people say a fire pit feels more “interactive” and it definitely gives the feel of having a campfire in your backyard.

Fire pits can be wood-burning or gas and both pose their own pros and cons. The biggest difference comes down to the convenience factor. While a gas-burning fire pit can be turned on at the push of a button, a wood-burning fire pit requires getting a fire started (and always having seasoned wood on hand). But some homeowners say there is nothing like the sound and smell of a real wood fire.

Patio Fireplace


Of course, you can have the best of both worlds with a gas starter that will help get the wood burning quickly.

Unlike a fire pit, with an outdoor fireplace, you typically sit in front of it. A fireplace can make more of an architectural statement on your property as a taller structure that can be built of material such as brick or stone. With an outdoor fireplace, smoke is directed up a chimney, which is a nice feature, especially if you get a lot of wind. Another key benefit of a fireplace is that it will take up less room on your patio. It can be built right on the edge.

Like a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace can also be either wood or gas-burning. The choice of which is best for you once again comes down to personal preference.


Other Fire Feature Options

While built-in structures make an elegant statement on your property, they aren’t your only option. Fire tables are another fun addition that can add interest to your space. Fire tables are essentially just what they sound like—a table in which you can also have a fire going. It’s a lot like a portable fire pit except that they also have the ability to be covered and used as a table when the fire isn’t going.

There are also fire pillars, fire lanterns, and fire bowls that can be added to your outdoor space to add aesthetic appeal. Some of these gas-powered structures resemble art—like a sculpture—and go a long way in taking an ordinary outdoor space to a whole new level.

These days, even gas-powered tiki torches are available for something truly unique. These can make your pool look like it’s one out of a resort rather than a backyard!


Fire Pit by LakeChoosing Wisely

Ultimately, choosing the best fire feature for your property comes down to working with the right company. The truth is that a lot of landscape companies don’t do anything more than a cookie-cutter fire pit design for every project they build. But you want something unique.

That’s why you must choose a company that has both the experience and the skill to help you create the backyard you’ve been dreaming of—including the right fire feature that will complete that look.

At Exscape Designs, we know that you don’t want a fire feature that looks like everyone else’s on your block. You want something that is your own. If you’re ready to start thinking about the way a fire feature might be able to enhance your space, then we are ready to help. Let us be your guide in creating something truly original.


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