As a commercial landscaping company, we understand that creating the perfect landscape design is crucial for both commercial property managers and homeowners. A well-designed landscape not only enhances the curb appeal of a property but also improves its overall value. However, landscape design can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the process. In this blog, we will discuss the steps to build your dream landscape design and what you can do to improve your project.

Step 1: Assess Your SpaceLandscape Desging- Planning

The first step in landscape design is to assess your space. Whether you are designing a commercial property or a residential home, it’s essential to evaluate the size, shape, and existing features of the area. Take note of any natural elements, such as trees, rocks, or water features, that you want to preserve or incorporate into your design. Additionally, consider the overall theme or style that you want to achieve. For example, do you want a contemporary look or a more natural, organic feel?

Step 2: Establish Clear Goals

Establishing clear goals for a potential landscape design is critical to ensure that the end result meets your needs and desires. Defining these goals at the outset will help you and your landscaper make informed decisions throughout the design process. Consider factors such as how you plan to use the outdoor space, the desired aesthetic appeal, and any specific features or functions you wish to include. Your goals should also take into account the practical considerations, such as maintenance requirements, budget, and the local climate.

Step 3: Select Desired InstallationsBuild Your Dream Landscape Design

The nice thing about working with Exscape is that you have options. Whether your goal is to add attractive amenities for commercial clients, or functional installations for the backyard, we offer it all. Perhaps you want a fire pit for sitting around and sharing stories, or a pavilion to cover a patio. Walkways can connect parts of the property together, while an outdoor kitchen allows cooking to come outdoors. The point is we provide it all. In working with you we will also provide transparent advice on what installations will bring you the most value, matching your established goals.

Step 4: Creation of Cohesive Design

Once all of these decisions have been made, and a direction selected, we will work with you to create a rendered design of your future landscape. This will allow you to peer into our mind, and see the possibilities. It can be updated and tweaked until you are satisfied with the offered result. The goal is to create a landscape that you are not only happy with but one that you are itching to spend time in.

Step 5: Execution of Design Build Installation

When you finally give that go-ahead, our team will enter the property and begin construction of your new landscape. Whether it be a complete renovation or just a remodel of a particular area, our quality assurance is the same. Clear communication will be provided about our presence on the property, and timelines for project completion. Everything is about your comfortability, and your final approval of the completed landscape installation.

Exscape Designs is a full-service design/build company headquartered in Novelty, Ohio that serves the Greater Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio region. Give us a call today at (440) 729-0011, or email us at for more information to build your dream landscape design.

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