When you think of landscaping, your mind might immediately conjure thoughts of green lawns, bright flowers, and beautiful trees. However, landscaping is not simply those natural and living elements. Most landscapes incorporate elements of hardscaping—any non-living surfaces that could be wood, stone, concrete or others. There are many benefits to hardscaping, including:


  • Low-maintenance. Unlike those living elements of your landscape, hardscaping requires very little—to virtually no—regular maintenance. You can enjoy the beauty of your hardscape without worrying about any watering or cleaning.


  • Increased accessibility. A stone pathway or heated walkway, as just two examples, create a way to explore your property. This allows family or guests to truly enjoy and see every aspect of your landscape, rather than simply admiring from afar. In addition, adding a walkway where there was otherwise gravel or a dirt path can increase the safety of your property.


  • Privacy. Are there areas of your landscape that you feel you would enjoy more if only you had some increased privacy? Elements of hardscaping, such as walls or fencing, are your answer. They are an easy option to afford more privacy to your outdoor space.



  • Increased property value. Because hardscaping is permanent, it will keep its appearance even after years of enduring the elements, such as snow and ice. These long-lasting exterior features add significant value to your property.


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