There are two constants for properties of all types. Every property needs to be maintained and enhanced. Enhancements are vital to every landscape, keeping the property updated, and upbeat. These installations are at the discretion of the homeowner, and let the designer get creative with the goals of the client. This is what we will be talking about today, the landscaping installations that will be most enjoyable in your backyard this summer.

Patio Ideas To Enjoy This SummerCovered Patios for Outdoor Hosting

If you have a creative itch, this will be the landscaping idea for you. Installing a patio is like installing a blank canvas upon which you can add any amenity you desire. This canvas is expanded when you add a covering on top. This can be a pavilion or a pergola, but in either case, you now cease to worry about the weather. Now, you can begin to think about adding amenities like a television, or outdoor kitchen. Without the worry of rain damage, this covered patio can become the prime location for hosting this summer.


Connect Inside and Outside with a Deck

Another great blank canvas that is both aesthetic, and functional is a deck. You might just be thinking about a wood square, with stairs leading down to the yard. However, nowadays you can get extremely creative with the design of your deck. Colors, seating arrangement, materials, and railing can all be custom selected to your desires. Deck lighting can even be added over the top to create the ambiance of a high-end restaurant. Next time date night is at home, treat the lady to a romantic deck dinner.

Add a Pool, or a Pool Surround

If summer fun is what you are looking for, there is no addition more beautiful than a pool. It goes without saying that this adds property value to the home, and the ability to landscape around this gorgeous centerpiece. If you already have a pool or want to add to the landscape, a pool surround offers a beautiful area for seating and plants. Containers filled with flowers are great for these generally stone areas, and cabanas can be added to create shade. The key to all these ideas so far is that a landscape designer like Exscape can work with you to make the space beautiful in the eyes of the owner; you.


Garden Enhance with Annuals and Perennials

When we think of things that are beautiful, flowers often come to mind. As an integral part of any landscape, the goal is to have various blooms throughout each season. While Perennial plants can bloom year after year, they do not necessarily provide flowers the entire season. This is why experts carefully select Annual flowers to fill those gaps to bloom steadily throughout one season. Then, once they have passed their peak, they can be easily replaced with annuals that work for the following season.

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