While it might seem like the warmer weather of the spring and summer is very far away, in actuality, there are only a few months of the coldest weather when it can be challenging to enjoy your yard.  In fact, now is the best time to start creating a vision for your Cleveland, Ohio, backyard for next spring.


Amazing Landscape Design


Since you are not spending time planting and watering, you do have the luxury of thinking through your wish list for next year.  What are some things to consider for your backyard landscaper design?  Consider these amazing additions:


  • Think about a new patio or deck.  If your deck has seen better days, then taking the time now to collect measurements and take pictures will give you plenty of time to research exactly what you would like to add in the spring.  Cleveland landscapers can give you ideas on which materials to consider.  Right now, the hottest materials used by landscape design firms include stone and recycled materials.  When you are planning your patio landscape design, don’t forget to take into consideration the style and materials of your home. Complementary materials can turn your outdoor deck design into an extension of your living space.


  • Add a family-friendly firepit.  Firepits will continue to be a positive trend into the next growing season.  Providing a central gathering place, landscape architects use this type of structure to provide a focal point in your landscape design.  Though some homeowners are concerned about fitting a firepit into the design of their yard, certified landscape technicians have access to materials that can work with any landscaping style or complement any home décor.  Take some pictures and measurements of where you feel a firepit might fit in your yard.  Those items will be a great reference during the cold months when you are planning.


  • Consider an outdoor kitchen.  With an outdoor kitchen, you can take your parties into the backyard.  Landscape designers are seeing more and more families take advantage of outdoor kitchens as one of the hottest trends of the year.  By adding a permanent grill, cold food storage, and sink, you will be able to have complete parties outdoors.  Over the winter, research styles you like and seek the help of a landscaping service to complete your outdoor kitchen design.


By taking the time now to evaluate what your yard needs, taking pictures and measurements, you can have a head start on the warm weather months.  New decking, firepits, and outdoor kitchens are all excellent additions to your Cleveland landscape.

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