Position Title:

Snow Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for being prepared for each snow event by understanding all Snow Response Plans, preparation of assigned vehicle, being ready for event by monitoring weather conditions and forecasts, and communication with Area Manager. Perform snow removal within estimated time and quality standards and assists Area Manager by knowing overall objectives during event. Helps identify required adjustments during event, follow up and preparation for next event.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of assigned accounts, requirements, and Snow Response Plans.
  • Ensure assigned equipment is well maintained and ready to go prior to and after event.
  • Follow communication protocol with Area Manager at all times.
  • Is ready for event by monitoring conditions and forecasts.
  • Assists Area Manager by notification of any changes or potential adjustments needed during event.
  • Monitors estimated plow frequency hours per account to keep within those hours.
  • Reviews post-storm follow up actions including clean-ups and on site-inventory management with Area Manager.
  • Notifies Area Manager for equipment repairs and service needs.
  • Records and turns in all required documents including timesheets and reports.

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