In the United States, snowfall ranges from over 80 inches to zero inches. The best way to survive and thrive in these snow conditions is to have the best snow removal services. These companies remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, streets and parking lots of residential and commercial properties. If you are looking into plowing snow from your home or business, check out these eight reasons why you should hire snow removal services. 

Some Mistakes to Avoid When Clearing Snow

Many people think they can scrape, blow or plow snow themselves. And while small areas like a driveway or sidewalk are possible, larger spaces can be more tedious. Even if you do clear the snow, you will most likely have some mishaps along the way. To help you understand snow removal a little more, here are some mistakes to avoid when clearing snow. 

Underestimating the Power of Snow

At first glance, snow removal does not look difficult, especially since snow is soft and melts easily. However, many people end up underestimating the true power of snow. Did you know that thousands of individuals die every year due to snow, whether it is because of car accidents because of icy roads or falling on ice and snow? 

One wrong move in the snow can cause serious harm or even death. Before doing any work in the snow, make sure you have the proper tools, appropriate clothing and the right weather. 

Not Using the Right Tools or Equipment

Just like any other manual labor job, you have to have the right tools and equipment to complete the task. When it comes to removing snow, you have to have snow removal equipment. Without the proper tools, you can easily damage your property and equipment and harm yourself or others around you.

Some of the common snow plowing tools include snow shovels, push brooms, ice scrapers, ice melt chemicals and solutions, snowplows, snow throwers, ice cleats, appropriate warm clothing and waterproof gloves. 

Using Equipment Without Proper Training

Using Equipment Without Proper Training

Many homeowners and business owners research and purchase the tools needed to clear snow. However, even though you have the right tools, it does not mean you know how to use them. And when it comes to snow and ice, you are dealing with tools that may be sharp and dangerous. 

One wrong move with these tools can land you in the emergency room. If you do want to clear snow on your own, we recommend sticking with tools like snow shovels or dull ice picks. You should always watch tutorials online before trying any of these tools. 

Not Wearing Enough Layers

As we all know, snow is cold. But when you live in an area with colder temperatures, you feel like you can handle working outside in it. However, just like any outdoor manual labor, constant moving causes the body to produce sweat. Sweat clinging onto dry clothing causes it to get damp. And what happens when you are outside in wet clothing? You get cold fast. 

Before you know it, you are risking hypothermia and other illnesses. If you do not work outside in the cold, you absentmindedly only wear fewer layers than a person who always works outdoors, no matter the weather or temperature.

Why Should You Hire Snow Removal Services

Why Should You Hire Snow Removal Services?

If you want to avoid those snow plowing mistakes above or want to let the professionals handle all the work, then you need to hire a snow removal service. Check out these reasons why you should hire snow removal specialists.

Professional Snow Removal Methods are OSHA Approved

Do you need some legal backup as to why you should hire a snow removal company near you? Then, you are in luck because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved snow removal methods. 

Since this organization is all about the health and safety of US citizens, they made it a point to make sure that people understand the danger of snow and ice. Therefore, they strongly believe that these snow removal teams and the methods they use to clear the snow must be in our society. 

Fast and Accurate Work Results

With snow plowing being their mainline or work, these experts usually have fast and accurate work results. For example, if a snow storm came in a few days before but you need to get out, some teams can get out to you within the next few days. And with their expertise, they will leave your area ready for use. 

The best way to keep your property in tip-top shape is to have a snow removal contractor come out once every couple of weeks. The contractor will keep things at bay and make it harder for snow to stick around. They also may have some additional tricks or tips you can try out, in case the snow starts to rise. 

Well-Equipped With Proper Tools

When working with a snowplow service, they will most likely already have the proper equipment needed to complete the job. Who starts a snow removal company without having the right tools? You are paying these professionals to have everything all ready to go so you have a more stress-free experience. The company may charge an additional fee for the equipment, but it typically costs way less than buying all the tools.

If a company asks you to provide the tools, they most likely are not trustworthy or not as experienced. Always read past reviews and disclaimers before booking with any snow plowing company. 

Powered Equipment is Well Maintained

Powered Equipment is Well Maintained

Since these snow removal services invest loads of money into snow removal equipment, they are most likely taking extra care and maintenance to keep these tools in top shape. Nothing slows down a business more than broken or run-down equipment. 

Anytime a snow removal company comes to your house, they are most likely going to have equipment that can easily handle any depth of snow and ice all thanks to how well they take care of their tools. If equipment troubles you, ask to see their tools before they start work around your home or business. 

Get High-Quality Results

When working with professional snow removal teams, you have higher chances of getting high-quality results than with you or a family member doing it. It is the snow removal company’s livelihood to work and keep their clients happy. 

If they are not producing the results their customers want or need, they will quickly lose people and eventually lose their business. Many companies strive to produce quality work, but before you settle for anyone, we recommend researching many different companies. Make sure to read reviews and check out their website pages. You want to see what other clients have said and if they have any pictures of their work. 

Cleaner Aesthetic

While you can clear snow on your own, have you ever seen the end result? You can end up with patchy areas, unevenness and landscaping damages. You do not want your yard to look like this, especially since the front of your home is the first thing others see. 

Working with a snow plowing company will help keep your yard looking even and clean. Plus, you can even show the team some inspiration photos or your idea of how the snow should look on your property.

Reliability During Emergencies

Snow emergencies are a common occurrence. Random snow storms blow through and cause houses, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots to have an overload of snow. And in the worst cases, trap people inside with limited resources. The best way to remove all this snow in a quick amount of time is with snow removal services. 

These teams have the equipment, supplies and expertise to help individuals during snow crises. Some companies may even have first aid kits ready to go in case anyone needs immediate help. However, they typically have emergency services waiting outside for everyone to come out. At the end of the day, anytime you are dealing with snow in a dangerous location or situation, always call a snow removal team to come out and help. 

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Even though you are spending money to keep the snow at bay, adding all the equipment and supplies costs as well as the time and work that goes into this manual task, you end up saving more money and time in the long run. It is a similar concept of having a landscaper or a pool specialist during the spring or summer, but with a team that can handle the ice and snow.

After reading this guide, find the best snow removal companies near you to clear snow away from your house. If you live in Cleveland, Ohio or the surrounding area, our team at Exscape Designs can help you with not only snow removal service but landscaping and designing or building as well. For more information or to book an appointment, give us a quick call today.

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