It is no secret that everyone would like a beautiful outdoor space. If money were no object, and space was ample, landscaping companies would be pressed for time with too much work on their hands. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and we understand that people must be careful with their resources. This is one of our core goals, to help everyday people with these constraints maximize their landscaping investment. Not only to cut the grass and plant flowers but to create a truly amazing outdoor space. In this blog, we have 7 tips for creating an enchanting outdoor space on any budget, on any property. 

Prioritize Basic Maintenance First7 Tips to Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Space

The first step to an enchanting landscape is maintenance. Before you add the amenities that will create the ambiance you want, your house needs to be in order. Overgrown grass and dead plant material would certainly take away from other efforts. Simply take care of the essentials, and you will already be ahead of the pack.

Small Installations with Big Returns

Next, you want to prioritize those additions that will have the most impact with the smallest investment. Mulch should be the first one, with a fresh layer looking great and keeping out weeds. Irrigation will almost pay for itself with the money you save on your water bill and surely lead to luscious plant material. These alone will take you a big step towards enchantment.

Prioritize the Hosting Ability

Two of our most popular landscaping installations are fire pits and outdoor kitchens. Why? Because they both offer the owner the ability to host. Not to mention the fact that they both scream luxury and look aesthetically pleasing. They can act as centerpieces and be landscaped around. 

Outdoor Lighting is Enchanting7 Tips to Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Space with lighting

We think that a beautiful landscape is even more enchanting at night. The only way to extend the hours of use is with outdoor lighting. When you have a professional designer using the lighting to highlight all the right spots, your outdoor space will look like a picture from a magazine. Light walkways, light the structures, light everything.

Lining Property with Shrubs/Trees

An enchanting outdoor space on your property should be yours, and yours alone. The way to achieve this with natural landscaping elements is by installing shrubs and trees along the property line. As this plant material grows it will create privacy and enchantment.

Cover up with a Pavilion or Pergola

Once you have an outdoor living area, say a patio with seating, you can cover it up. Pavilions and pergolas protect your property from the elements and allow you to use your landscape even when the weather is not ideal. Get some shade in the hot summer, and coverage over your head when it rains.

Utilize a Professional Landscape Designer

Our most important tip for creating an enchanting landscape is to use a professional landscape designer. In an ideal world, it would be our team at Exscape, because of our client-centered proven processes. We recommend you take a look at our portfolio and see what we have done for so many others. 

Are you ready to utilize these 7 tips for creating an enchanting outdoor space?

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