Winter is certainly here once again. Depending on where you live in the country, this can mean plenty of snow and ice. While the driven snow may look pretty at morning’s first light, it and the ice hiding underneath can pose real dangers.

To keep yourself and others safe, consider your arsenal of snow removal tools. Is it time to update your equipment?

Many areas have seen increasingly intense storms in recent years, rendering older tools less effective. For a lot of business owners, this means seeking out the newest and best commercial snow removal equipment.

But finding the right snow removal tools is important whether or not you own a business. Homeowners and renters should also look for the best residential snow removal equipment this season. 

Whether you’re looking for a diy snow removal tool or considering professional snow removal equipment, choosing can be hard. Today we’re going to discuss the best snow removal tools and how using them can keep everyone safe this winter.

When it comes to commercial snow removal tools, the task often requires heavier machinery. After all, snow blowing a long driveway at home is a little different from clearing a large parking lot.

So let’s look at some of the best snow removal equipment you should consider for commercial ice and snow clearing.

What machine is considered the best for snow removal_

What machine is considered the best for snow removal?

When it comes to the best snow removal tools for commercial use, larger machines are the obvious choice. Large machines include giant snow plows or more versatile skidsteer vehicles.

In either case, the goal is to remove large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently, thereby preventing ice from accumulating. The last thing any business owner wants in winter is for someone to slip and get injured on their property!

For commercial snow removal tools let’s consider backhoes and tractors, two common pieces of professional snow removal equipment. Many business owners would certainly describe these machines as the best for snow removal.

Are backhoes good for snow removal?

Backhoes are a commonly used snow removal tool, but are they really any good? The answer is a resounding yes! Backhoes have been used for many years as effective snow removal tools, especially in commercial settings.

These machines are very powerful, which is helpful when dealing with heavy snow. They are effective at clearing roads with blade attachments and can also be used to plow parking lots.

Professional clearing teams include backhoes among their top snow removal tools because they can complete large jobs quickly and safely.

Are tractors good for snow removal?

Using tractors has always been among the creative snow removal ideas of the modern age. Tractors are generally smaller than backhoes, with some exceptions. For this reason, commercial properties may choose to use tractors as snow removal tools in small areas.

Perhaps your business only has a small exposed walkway or a parking lot designed for around a dozen or so cars. In these instances, a tractor equipped with a plow can be an effective and inexpensive snow removal tool to consider.

Tractors have the added benefit of being quite versatile in the way businesses can utilize them. To give an example, a tractor can be used for cutting the grass around your property in the summer. Come winter, that same tractor can be fitted with a plow for snow removal.

As a successful business owner, you value this kind of versatility and innovation when making investment decisions.

Best Commercial Snow Removal Tools

Best Commercial Snow Removal Tools

We’ve looked at some machines used by commercial properties, but there are other snow removal tools to consider. Every winter storm is a little different, so the equipment you use to clean up after should be equally diverse.

The list of snow tools at your disposal can be divided between powered tools and manual tools. It’s important to understand the relative benefits of these categories as both come with their own set of specialized tools.

Whereas powered tools, for example, may work quicker, they may require greater investment upfront. By contrast, manual tools are typically less expensive to procure, but may cost more in labor.

Deciding which snow removal tools are best for your own particular needs necessitates having as much information as possible. With that in mind, let’s consider some of the most commonly used snow removal tools and equipment.

Powered Tools and Equipment

Powered snow removal equipment is ideal for large jobs or commercial properties that need to get the job done quickly. 

A “powered” piece of equipment will typically run on fuel or electricity. These tools are very effective when operated by trained professionals, but can pose risks for unfamiliar users.

That’s why it’s a good idea to leave these kinds of jobs to experienced professionals like the team at Exscape Designs.

Tractor Snow Plow

As we discussed earlier, tractor snow plows are an excellent choice for powered snow removal. These machines have the strength to push and lift even the heaviest snow piles. This means that your business will be safely ready for customers after any storm.

Tractor plows feature long ranges, meaning they may be the best snow removal for long driveways or large parking lots. Use tractors to quickly clear roads in front of your business or other areas that may need heavy lifting. 

Snow Plow Skidsteer

Snow plow skidsteers are similar to tractors but are valued for their great versatility. That’s probably why you can find them being used on construction sites or other big projects in any season!

Skidsteers allow for precision in snow clearing, as they can push, drag and remove snow using the same basic equipment. This is especially helpful when a job needs to be done precisely but also quickly.

Use a snow plow skidsteer to clear individual parking spots or walkways. This machine is also effective at removing or pushing snow drifts that are blocking pedestrians or vehicles from your business. 

Salt Spreading Machine

Powered salt spreading machines are excellent at breaking up ice and preventing accumulation before a storm. 

Properly applied salt can work wonders when it comes to preventive maintenance of your property in winter. This is because it has the double benefit of breaking up dangerous ice while also slowing accumulation during subsequent storms.

After applying salt to slick parking lots or roads, consider using a blade-equipped tractor to scrape away the loosened ice. 

Manual Tools

Not every storm is one for the record books, and sometimes businesses or residential properties just need a light clearing. In these cases, a manual tool might do the job easier than larger powered equipment.

Here’s our short list of some of the best manual tools folks use to clear snow and ice in winter.

Snow Shovel

Snow shovels have probably been used for clearing properties for just about as long as snow has been burying them! 

These days you can find snow shovels designed to reduce bending, ease lifting and all manner of other modern improvements.

There are short handled shovels meant to keep in your vehicle for quick extractions and large shovels for clearing walkways.

Some shovels are made with plastic, others with metal. Some feature bent handles to reduce back strain, while others have levers to help release wet snow from the base. 

When it comes to comparing snow shovels, it can feel like the list was written by Dr. Seuss! Whichever model you choose, just make sure to use it safely and correctly. And remember, there’s no shame in asking for help with shoveling snow after a storm!

Long Ice Scraper

One of the least enjoyable parts of the winter season is scraping ice away from frosted windshields or business windows.

While that may not sound fun, it doesn’t necessarily have to be miserable either. Long ice scrapers make life easier by allowing you to get at high/awkward angles without twisting yourself into knots.

Commercial pickup trucks or other large vehicles may have windshields that are difficult to reach even in warm weather. When an ice storm hits, clearing these areas can be a real challenge, not to mention potentially dangerous.

That’s why keeping a long ice scraper in your cabinet of manual snow removal tools is always a good plan.

Other Snow and Ice Removal Tools

Other manual snow and ice removal tools include windshield covers and specially designed squeegees.

Windshield covers are ideal for preventing ice or frost from adhering to vehicles overnight or before storms. Nothing beats being prepared, after all!

If snow or ice do cover a vehicle’s windows, specialty squeegees can make removal quick and easy. Find one that allows both pushing and pulling of snow but that doesn’t have a hard edge that could damage glass.

Ice Melt

Ice melt is a classic tool that works great for any property. Spread it manually along walkways and in front of doors to prevent icy conditions from endangering customers or guests.

Ice melt works as both a removal tool and also as a preventative measure. That kind of versatility makes it a must-have during the colder months!

The coolest snow and ice removal tools are the ones that work best!

The coolest snow and ice removal tools are the ones that work best!

At Exscape Designs, our focus is on keeping your property beautiful and safe in any season. We’re more than just a landscaping company; think of us as your support team for all your property needs! Whether it’s trimming trees, mowing the lawn or removing snow, we’ve here for you. 

Your property is as unique as you are. That’s why we offer customizable snow removal plans designed to cater to your needs. Reach out today and let’s see what we can do to make your winter a little more enjoyable!

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